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If you are preparing for a Computer Science MCQ interview, Must go through these questions series.Here you will find latest interview Questions and answers on Computer Science MCQ Frameworks and tools.

Computer Science MCQs & Quizzes.

Practice topic-wise Computer Science MCQs & Quizzes, which are very popular & cover the latest and important technologies of Computer Science Engineering & Information Technology. With the help of these mcq tests & quizzes, you can improve your performance in Computer Science Exams, Job Interviews, Competitive Exams, Entrance Exams, and Placement Drives

Computer Science MCQs & Quizzes

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AngularJs MCQ

AngularJS is an open-source front-end web framework based on JavaScript. It was created in 2009 by Misko Hevery and Adam AbronsIt and is essentially kept up by Google. It Provides developers a choice to compose customer-side applications utilizing JavaScript in a clean MVC way. It is completely free and licensed under the Apache license version 2.0.

Ethical Hacking MCQ

The word Ethical means "legal". It is a method of hacking in which hackers hack any site using legal tools, with the permission of the owner of the system. It is a legal process as it is done with the permission of the system owner. In Ethical Hacking, penetration testing is done by following all the legal rules and regulations. finding and fixing the problem of any network, computer, server, or website is called Penetration Testing. Hackers, who legally do hacking work, are called Ethical hackers. An Ethical Hacker uses his hacking skills not to steal data but to provide cyber security.

Powerpoint MCQ

PowerPoint is presentation-making software. It was developed by Microsoft, hence its full name is Microsoft PowerPoint. It is the most important tool of MS Office. It is an application or program by which we can design attractive and powerful presentations. PowerPoint can also convert text and audio files into slides. These slides can also be edited and formatted. It is the most reliable and powerful application for designing any project.


PL/SQL is simply an extension of SQL (Structured Query Language). It is launched by Oracle Corporation to upgrade the features of SQL. Its main function is to extend the idea of SQL and Oracle Databases. Therefore PL/SQL is also known as Procedural Language Extension to SQL. The syntax of PL/SQL is taken from Pascal Programming Language. This language is highly portable and efficient also helps in transaction processing. It supports Object-Oriented Programming.


AWS stands for Amazon Web Services. It is a safe and secure cloud computing platform. It is managed from a single web interface. Amazon Company provides this remote computing service. It provides unlimited bandwidth and customer service. We can launch websites, blogs, and apps in the world of the internet with the help of AWS. The best thing about AWS is that it provides cloud services to both a company and an individual. Today many companies have shifted to Amazon Web Services. Because it is comprehensive, secure, and also cost-effective. AWS is a widely used cloud computing service. Many top companies like Adobe, Netflix, and Unilever use the AWS Platform.

Azure MCQ

Azure is a Cloud Computing Platform that is developed by Microsoft. That’s why it is called Microsoft Azure. Formerly Microsoft Azure is known as Windows Azure. It provides various cloud computing services such as analytics, storage, and networking. It helps in building, testing, managing, and deploying applications and services through Global Network. Large companies require huge storage to store, manage and retrieve data. Microsoft Azure stores videos, documents, files, and unstructured data using the Blobs technique.


NLP is the acronym for Natural Language Processing. It is the subfield of Computer Artificial Intelligence and Linguistic Languages. It helps computers to communicate with humans in their languages. NLP makes it possible for computers to understand any text or voice and respond in voice or text just like humans. This technology provides computers a way to understand, analyze, manipulate and interpret human languages. Computers are programmed to understand natural languages, process them and respond correctly. For users, it makes it easy to ask questions and get the required answers in seconds.


JSF Stands for Java Server Faces. It is a framework that provides user interference to developers for Java Server applications. JSF simplifies the creation of web applications and provides a set of standard tools to build a user interface. It is mostly used in the development of basic web page elements. It also supports some advanced features like database access, JavaScript page actions, and Ajax interaction. It is highly capable to generate web pages for dynamic websites within seconds.


MVC is an architectural pattern in software design. That is known as Model-View-Controller. It is commonly used to develop user interfaces. With this technique, we can increase the management, productivity, and security of any project, because MVC divides any project into three components. The three elements of MVC are Model, View, and Controller. Model stands for database, View handles display or visual part and controller commands the logical part. By using this technology we can work simultaneously on the view part and logic part.


Ajax stands for Asynchronous Java-script and XML. It is not a type of programming language. It is a technique that is used to develop creative and responsive web pages. AJAX uses many web technologies like HTML & CSS, JavaScript, DOM and XML to create Asynchronous web pages. An asynchronous web page is a different type of web page, which doesn't require the entire page to be loaded. AJAX can give a better experience to the end-user as its processing is done in the background. It is used to develop advanced web applications. Many top companies like YouTube, Udemy, and Google use AJAX to do their difficult tasks.


The full form of WCF is Windows Communication Foundation. It was released by the .NET framework in 2006 & used to create distributed and interoperable applications. In simple words, it is a framework that creates a service-oriented application. By using the WCF framework, we create data in the form of asynchronous messages and send the data. WCF is also known as Service Model. The three core components of the WCF application are Service, a Service host, and a service client.


JSP Stands for Java Server Pages. It is a server-side technology, mainly used for creating Java web applications. It can easily access the Java Application Programming Interface (APIs) because this technology creates Java-based applications without any difficulty. Java Server Pages is a combination of HTML and JSP tags. It is developed by Eclipse Foundation & Initially released in 1999. (About 23 years ago).

Kotlin MCQ

Kotlin is a high-level and statically typed programming language. Just like Java, it is an open-source programming language & supports all types of operating systems, such as Android, JVM, iOS, Windows, Linux, etc. It was developed & designed by Jetbrains. It was initially released on 22 July 2011 (About 10 years ago). Google has also announced Kotlin, as an official language for android app developers. the file extension of Kotlin is .kt, .kts, .ktm.


iOS stands for iPhone Operating System. It is developed by Apple INC. to manage different devices of Apple like iPad, iPhone, iPod Mini, iPad Touch, etc. It is a mobile operating system that is only used for Apple-manufactured devices. IOS is the second most popular and widely used operating system after Android. The first version of iOS was introduced in 2007 with the emergence of the iPhone. iOS is programmed in computer languages like C, C++, Objective-C, and swift.

Digital Image Processing MCQ

Digital image processing is a technology that uses computer algorithms to convert digital images. A digital image is typically two-dimensional and is a positive of pixels. Through digital image processing, we can increase the visibility of the image and reduce the noise. Due to this, the quality of the image increases and we can easily extract information and data from the image.

Hadoop MCQ

Hadoop is an open-source software framework that stores and processes huge data. Hadoop uses distributed processing to store and compute big data. This technique is very beneficial as it makes it easy to store and manage the data. It is also used to develop Data processing applications. This program is written in Java programming language. Hadoop technology is used by many big companies to store and manage big data. It is developed by Apache Sofware Foundation.


The full form of IoT is the Internet of Things. It is used to transfer data from one device to another with the help of sensors, software, and technology. Through the Internet of Things, we can access and control devices with the help of the Internet. Computers, smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, modern TVs, and wearable gadgets are all part of IoT. However, everyday things like thermostats and smoke detectors are getting smarter, which makes them installed as IoT.

Cloud Computing MCQ

Cloud computing is an internet-based service. It delivers many online computing services like servers, software, networking, and storage. In simple words, it is an online service in which the user is given the facility to store data on any server on the internet. The user saves the data by purchasing space from the cloud and can access it from anywhere. Microsoft is the biggest cloud computing service provider that provides services for all types of businesses.

Microcontroller MCQ

A microcontroller is a small hardware device. this is a part of a Microcomputer. this is made up of an Integrated Chip that has all the functional components of a minicomputer. It is a device in which computer programs are embedded. Based on this it performs the task on any electrical device. A microcontroller is also known as SOC or System on Chip. It is widely used in automobiles, remote control equipment, TV, AC, refrigerator, etc.


The full form of OOPs is Object-Oriented Programming. Oops is nothing but a method of programming in which class and object are used. In this type of programming, the program is written using the objects of the real world. Every object has its class, methods, and attributes. Oops doesn't focus on the logic of the program rather it pays attention to the processing data. The popular Opps languages are Java, Python, and C++.

Computer Architecture MCQ

Computer architecture describes the means of the relation between the hardware devices of the computer as well as the way of data transfer and processing are displayed. In computer science, computer architecture is a bunch of rules and ways that describe the performance, associations, and enforcement of computer systems.

Database MCQ

Data is a small part of any information. It is a fact relating to a person, thing, or place. The systematic arrangement of data in any computer is called the database. The database provides easy and organized data storage. It is well equipped so it is easy to access and manage the data. It is an application that is widely used to develop, update, manage and delete data. We can store data sequentially in the database which is also known as shortening. The database also provides high security and privacy. Many dynamic websites on the Internet such as Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube use databases to manage our data.

Docker MCQ

In simple words, Docker is a software framework. This framework allows you to create and test an application very quickly. The Docker platform is specially developed to run and deploy an application easily in any environment. In opposite to virtual machines, Docker is light weighted. Docker has also termed a Container because it has everything that is essential to run the software. As containers, it is called an operating system.

Agile Scrum MCQ

Scrum is a part of Agile Software Development. This framework helps in developing, designing, delivering, and sustaining the product in a critical environment. Generally, the Scrum framework is used to manage big software projects in less time. In this technology, the process of project creation is divided into different phases. Scrum uses an iterative process.


The Full form of AutoCAD is Auto Computer Added Design. It is a two-dimensional or three-dimensional (2D or 3D) Computer Added Drafting software. In simple words, This software is used for designing and architect of buildings, bridges & machines, etc. Apart from this, AutoCAD software is used to make blueprints of buildings, electrical plants, and large vehicles. Autocad Designers are called "Drafters.” We can easily store the document made in AutoCAD on the computer.

Blue Prism MCQ

Blue Prism is an RPA (Robotic Process Automation) tool. RPA is a technique in which a robot performs a set of tasks by following a process without any human interference. Blue Prism provides you with a visual workforce that is operated by a software robot. Enterprises use this tool to automate their business.

Fiber Optics MCQ

Fiber Optics is a technique that is used to transfer information over a long distance. In this technology threads of fiber are used to transmit information in the form of light signals. The main objective of Fiber Optics is to transmit high-performance networking with high speed. It is commonly used in television, telephones, telecommunication services, etc. It is also termed Optical Fiber.

Computer Hardware MCQ

Computer hardware is the physical part of the computer such as - Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Hardisk, RAM, Motherboard, CPU, etc. These parts are very important for every computer. 

Digital Marketing MCQ

Digital Marketing is the process of marketing goods and services through the digital medium. Simply put, this marketing is completely based on the internet. That's why it is also called online marketing. Every individual and brand (business) uses websites, blogs, social media platforms, and online digital channels such as mobile and email marketing to promote their products and services. Digital marketing is the modern way to promote business and increase the brand value our business. It has many ways to reach the target audience and it is also very convenient for the customers.

Social Media Marketing MCQ

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a type of digital marketing. It is a market strategy, in which products and services are promoted on social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. we can share several types of content including videos, audio, blog post, infographic, etc to promote any brand or business on social media platforms. Nowadays social media platforms are one of the most powerful ways of marketing.

Appium MCQ

Appium is an open-source mobile automation tool. It is widely used for automating mobile web, android mobile, windows desktop platform, and applications on iOS (iPhone Operating System). This tool was created to complete the automation of mobile. It is a cross-platform that allows writing tests against multiple platforms using the same APIs.

Node js MCQ

Node js is a server-side platform. it is made on the JavaScript engine which is the "V8 engine" of Google Chrome. It is an open-source and cross-platform JavaScript run-time environment with the help of which we can execute JS code in any of our browsers. Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model which makes it lightweight and efficient.

DevOps MCQ

DevOps is a software development system. This leads to transmission, alliance, and combination between software developers and information technology executives. DevOps is specifically used for the rapid evaluation of products or services. Due to this, the risk involved in manufacturing the service and product is reduced.


C++ is an object-oriented programming language that is derived from C language. It is a high-level programming language that is used to program both hardware and software of computers. Its syntax matches with C programming language therefore it is also called the second version of C. It is powerful and has higher flexibility which is why most software programs are written in C++. Now it is one of the best choices for developers. Originally C++ was named C with Class.

Cyber Security MCQ

Any information, technology, application, or network that is related to data is termed cyber. Cyber Security is a process of protecting or defending computers, networks, mobile devices, electronic data, and servers from viruses and malicious attacks. Its main function is to reduce cyber-attacks as well as protect from illegal exploitation. Cybercrimes are increasing day by day, so it becomes especially important to strengthen Cyber Security to protect sensitive data.

Matlab MCQ

MATLAB is the object-oriented, procedural, & functional programming language that is developed by MathWorks Company. Its full name is MATrix LABoratory. MATLAB is designed by Cleve Moler and released in the late 1970s. It is the proprietary multi-paradigm programming language. If you want to code in Matlab programming language first, you must buy software its software for compilation. Because it is not open source. Scientists and engineers use Matlab language to analyze and develop systems or products that can transform the world.

Photoshop MCQ

Photoshop is one of the most popular photo editing & designing software in the world. It is an extremely versatile software used in photography, web design, graphic designing, video editing, concept art, and multimedia industries. It was created in the year 1988, and created by two brothers Thomas and John Knoll.


The term CICS refers to “Customer Information Control System.” It was developed by IBM in 1968. The CICS application is a collection of several programs that work together to perform the task of a business. IBM CICS works as an interface between the operating system and application programs and provides excellent online transaction processing. Banks and Financial institutions use CICS applications on a large scale.

Angular 2 MCQ

Angular 2 is a programming language. It is an open-source JavaScript framework based on the typescript. It is used to develop Single Page web Applications (websites). Angular 2 is a component-based approach that makes it easier to develop and maintain applications across all major devices and platforms. By using HTML and JavaScript you can create websites and applications in Angular 2 and also can test it.


The term JSON refers to JavaScript Object Notation. JSON is a data exchange format that is used as an alternative to XML. JSON is developed by Douglas Crockford. Just like HTML, XML is also a markup language that is used to store and organize data. It is a text-based Data Interchange format that is mainly designed to transmit structured data. JSON is an open-source language that transfers data between web applications and web servers. Its text format is readable by both humans and machines. the file extension of JSON is .json.


PHP is an abbreviation of PHP: HyperText Preprocessor. It is a server-side scripting language, that is used to develop dynamic webpages. It is developed by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995. It is the most popular programming language in the world because it is easy to learn. the latest version of PHP is PHP 7.3, released on 6 December 2018.

Corel Draw MCQ

CorelDraw is vector graphics editor software. It is designed and developed by Corel cooperation. It helps the user to create attractive photos, graphics, designs, and websites. It has many tools such as bitmap image editor or Corel photo paint. It was mainly developed to edit two-dimensional images such as logos, posters, and banners. CorelDraw is a leading graphic designing software that is widely used by many small business owners and professionals. It provides you reliable workspace. It is very comprehensive, creative, and productive. This software has a user-friendly interface.

jQuery MCQ

jQuery is a fast, concise, and light-weighted JavaScript Library. Web Developers can easily use JavaScript in their websites, with the help of the jQuery JavaScript Library. It simplifies the work of the programmer by writing less code. It also simplifies the communication between Document Object Model (DOM) and JavaScript. Its motto is “Write less Do more”. It is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries.

Html MCQ

Html Stands for Hypertext Markup Lanuage. It is used to create static web pages. It is a tag based programming language, developed by Tim Berners-Lee in 1991. It is used by web browsers to manipulate text, images and other content to display it in required format. Each page contains a series of connections to other pages called hyperlinks.

Affiliate Marketing MCQ

Affiliate Marketing is the promotion of business and getting some commission for each sale. It is a way to earn money online. Affiliate Marketing involves the sharing of products or services on social media platforms, blogs, or websites with a unique code. And whenever a product is purchased through your recommended link (unique code); you get some money in return for it.


CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. It is a style sheet language used for describing the presentation of a document written in a markup language in HTML. Using CSS, you can control the color of the text, the style of fonts, and spacing between paragraphs. Cascading Style Sheets is a means to separate the appearance of a webpage from the content of a webpage. CSS is a recommendation of the W3C.


NoSQL is a database that provides the technology to store and retrieve distributed data. It uses a variety of data models to access and manage data. NoSQL is known for “Not Only SQL” or “No SQL”. SQL is defined as Relational Database Management System. Originally NoSQL databases are called non-relational and distributed database systems. It is best for the storage of hierarchical data and NoSQL is horizontally scalable. NoSQL database is created by Carl Strozz in 1998.

Wordpress MCQ

WordPress is an open-source application or software. It is a content management system (CMS) that is widely used to create websites. You don't need to program or code for creating a website in WordPress. It provides a user-friendly interface by which you can easily create or manage content for your websites. It is written in PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) and MYSQL languages. WordPress is an open-source and free platform, originally used as a blog-publishing system.

CodeIgniter MCQ

Codelgniter is a powerful software development framework. It is used for developing and designing web applications rapidly. This application is programmed in PHP. It works on MVC (Model-View-Controller) technique therefore it is also termed as MVC Framework. Codelgniter Framework requires 0 configurations and provides a simple code structure. Now Laravel is the best alternative to Codelgniter. It is used to create dynamic websites with the help of the PHP programming language.

Active Directory MCQ

Active Directory is also termed as “AD” developed by Microsoft. The word “Directory” refers to a structure that is used to organize files and folders through a file system. In simple words, Active Directory is a Microsoft directory service used to manage computer systems and other devices in a network. AD permits the administrators to manage, create, permission, and access the resource data within the network. The main three-tier of AD are Domain, Trees, and Forests. AD is the main characteristic of the windows server.

Laravel MCQ

Laravel is the most popular open-source PHP web framework. It works on MVC (model-view-controller) architectural pattern. Many web applications have been developed using Laravel. It is used by small to big companies. With the help of this PHP framework, you can easily create secure web applications. It was developed by Taylor Otwell, and released on 9 June 2011. the latest version of laravel is laravel 12.

Django MCQ

Django is a popular Python framework. It is free and open-source python framework & works on the concept of MVT (Model View Template). It is written in Python Programming Language and developed by Django Software Foundation. It is initially released on 21 July 2005, (about 16 Years ago). Some of the most popular websites, who using Django - Instagram, Mozilla, Nextdoor etc. It's primary goal is to make easy the creation of complex, database-driven websites. 

Maven MCQ

Maven is a project management tool, originally used to design Java Frameworks. It is developed by Apache Software Foundation but was formerly used in Jakarta Turbine Project. Maven is a powerful and comprehensive tool that helps in managing and creating Java-based projects. It works on POM or Project Object Model. Apache Maven tool can be also used to manage projects written in RUBY, Scala, C#, and other languages. In comparison to ANT, Maven is very convenient.

Magento MCQ

Magento is an open-source software or e-commerce platform. It is written in high-level PHP language. Magento provides a powerful marketing system, SEO tool, and also catalog-management tool. It is one of the best open-source websites to create an online store. It provides any business owner with a flexible and powerful kart system. This software is so simple that any ordinary person can easily use it. Now Magento is part of Adobe Company.

Operating System MCQ

An Operating System is the master software that acts as an intermediary between the users and hardware components of the computer. It is also termed OS. An OS controls all the internal activities of computer hardware and provides a user interface. When a computer is switched on, OS is the first program that is loaded into the computer's main memory. Windows 2000/XP/NT, UNIX, and LINUX are examples of some popular operating systems.

Scala MCQ

Scala is an object-oriented and strong statically typed programming language. Scala Programming Language is very similar to Java because it is also coded in the same way as java. Its main objective is to reduce the complexity and length of the program (code) and increase productivity. This programming language is developed by Martin Odersky and its version was released in 2003. It is the first choice of developers. Because it is highly scalable. The name of this programming language is SCALA because of its high scalability feature.

Data Structure MCQ

The term Data Structure refers to storing and managing different types of data systematically in the computer. It is a set of algorithms used to structure the data in a programming language. It organizes the data in such a way that it is easy to access. In addition to this, it also helps in managing huge databases. With the help of data structure, we can store any data on a hard disk and can access it at any time.


The term LISP refers to List Processing. It is a programming language mainly developed to facilitate easy and simple management of data strings. Initially, LISP is used in computers for precise mathematical systems. But further, it is widely used for Artificial Intelligence applications. And became the most preferred language for the study of Artificial Intelligence (AI). After FORTRON, LISP is the second oldest programming language. John McCarthy invented LISP Language in the year 1958.

Computer Fundamentals MCQ

The computer is an electronic device that inputs data, process it, and generate the required result. This device is very efficient, accurate, and reliable. Hardware and software are two main parts of the computer. It works on 5 basic operations Input, Processing, Output, Storage, and Control. In computer fundamentals, we study hardware and software components, input and output devices, memory, CPU, History of computers, Generations of computers, viruses and antivirus, and so on.

Drupal MCQ

Drupal is open-source software and Content Management System (CMS). Written in high-level PHP language, it is a free back-end framework. Drupal provides user interface through which you can easily create and publish any content. It also gives you the facility to develop a powerful website. It provides several flexible tools for both the end-user and developer, to perform different tasks. Top Businesses like Cisco, Twitter, BBC, Whole Foods, etc. use Drupal Content Management System.

Artificial Intelligence MCQ

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a sub-field of Computer Science. It mimics human intelligence with the help of machine learning. In Artificial Intelligence machines are developed to think, understand and make decisions like humans. In other words, machines are made intelligent to work freely without human intervention. Many computers or robots are programmed that works on the principle of the human brain. John McCarthy introduced Artificial Intelligence for the first time in 1956. Therefore, he is also known as the "father of Artificial Intelligence".


The full form of MSBI is Microsoft Business Intelligence. The BI or Business Intelligence is application software that collects and processes a large amount of unstructured data. And find information by analyzing the data. This tool helps in preparing the report by analyzing the data. Due to this, the decision-making of the employee or manager is improved. The tools of MSBI provide the best solutions for Business Intelligence. This tool uses both Visual Studio and SQL Server

Computer Graphics MCQ

Computer Graphics is a sub-part of Computer Science. It is a technique of making pictures, graphs, drawings, and designs on the computer screen through programming. Any digital image can be created very quickly, by using Computer Graphics. The two persons, Verne Hudson and William Fetter first time coined the term Computer Graphics in 1960. This technique is used in movies, games, building architecture, desktop publishing, and many more. Vector and Raster are two main types of Computer Graphics.

LibreOffice Calc MCQ

LibreOffice is open-source software that is developed by LibreOffice Foundation. LibreOffice Calc is an application software of LibreOffice. It is a spreadsheet program used to calculate, manage, and analyze data in tabular format. Calc can also save spreadsheets in PDF files. You can compare LibreOffice Calc with Microsoft Excel. Calc is available on different platforms such as Linux, Microsoft Windows, FreeBSD, and the mac operating systems.

LibreOffice Writer MCQ

Libreoffice writer is an open-source word processing software, that is used to create documents, Pdfs, class worksheets, etc. It is the second most popular word processing software after MS Word. The file extension of LibreOffice writer is .odt. It is similar to MS Word, hence working is very easy on this software. We can easily create documents & pdfs such as Resumes, cash memos, class notes, etc.


The term DBMS stands for Database Management System. It is software used to manage, control, retrieve, delete, and update the database. A database is a collection of organized data. DBMS is a general-purpose software system that acts as an interface between the user and the database. Its major feature is that users can access multiple databases at the same time. In addition, DBMS also provides security so that no unauthorized user can access it.

LibreOffice Impress MCQ

LibreOffice Impress is the application software of LibreOffice. The first time, it was released by “The Document Foundation” in the year 2010 and fully launched in 2011. Impress is an open-source presentation application used to create presentations or slide shows. This presentation includes text, graphics, bullets and number lists, tables, charts, clipart, photograph, and many more. Impress is available on a variety of platforms like Windows 8, Windows 10, Linux, etc. LibreOffice Impress is like Microsoft PowerPoint.


My Structured Query Language (MySQL) is an open-source relational Database Management System. It works on structured query language or SQL. This software is developed in C and C++ programming languages. MySQL software is very compatible with PHP, which is the most popular language for web development. It is a free, fast, flexible, and productive Database Management System used by many small and big companies. It is introduced in the year 1994 by Swedish Company MySQL AB.

Ruby MCQ

Just like Java, Ruby is an object-oriented high-level programming language. It is used for developing web applications. Ruby is an open-source and general-purpose programming language. Yukihiro Matsumoto developed the Ruby language in 1995. It can be run in different operating systems like UNIX, Linux, and windows. Ruby’s programming language can also be embedded with HTML. It can be also used in Data analyzing and prototyping.

Compiler Design MCQ

The compiler is computer software that converts any written code into machine language. It converts source code into machine code without any change in program meaning. Compiler Design is nothing but only a structure or set of instructions that regulate the translation, optimization, and analysis of the Compiler Process.

Fortran MCQ

The full form of FORTRAN is Formula Translation. This programming language had been introduced in 1954-57 by J. Backus. This programming language does numeric computing. It is developed by John Backus and IBM & first appeared in 1957. 

Python MCQ

Python is an interpreted, high-level, general-purpose programming language. It was created by Guido Van Rossum and officially released on February 20, 1991. Python was conceived in the late 1980s as a successor to the ABC language. Python has clear syntax and a simple, sound, design. Python has been used to create a variety of web frameworks including CherryPy, Django, Pyramids, etc.

Cobol MCQ

The full form of Cobol is the common business-oriented language. Cobol programming language had been introduced in 1960. It does business data processing. it focuses on moving and formatting data, rather than on heavy computation, and is still in existence today, mostly in the business environment. the file extension of Cobol is .cbl, .cob, .cpy etc.

Spring MCQ

Spring is a framework application developed by Rod Johnson in the year 2003. This framework is very suitable for the development of the JavaEE application. It is a lightweight framework or software that provides solutions for various technical problems. It also supports several frameworks that include JSF, Hibernate, EJB, Struts, Tapestry, etc. Therefore, spring is also called the Framework of Frameworks.

Perl MCQ

Perl is an object-oriented programming language just like Java. This general-purpose language is used to perform multiple tasks. Larry Wall developed high-level Perl language in 1987. Originally it is designed for Script Manipulation but now it is used for different purposes. It works with markup languages like HTML and XML. Perl is an open-source language that is interpreted by many languages.

JavaScript MCQ

Javascript is a programming language written for website to run in browser. It is used to validate the user input at browser before submitting the page to server for further processing. This reduces load on the server. it helps to provide immediate feedback to user as it runs on browser.

Kubernetes MCQ

In simple words, Kubernetes is a container management platform. Kubernetes is also term as K8s. This provides an open-source solution for automating software deployment and management for containers. It is a tool that manages and manages containers. This tool is highly portable and extensive. This software helps in scaling, descaling as well as load balancing of containers. Kubernetes works as Master Solve Architecture.

Java MCQ

Java is an open-source and object-oriented programming language. This high-level programming language is introduced by Sun Microsystems in 1995. The code written on Java can be run on any operating system or platform because it is a platform-independent programming language. Some fundamentals of C++ programming language are used in Java. After C, Java is the second most popular language and favorite among developers.


The acronym of MS-DOS is for Microsoft Disk Operating System. DOS (Disk Operating System) coordinates the flow of information from computer to disk and disk to the computer. It is the first program that must be loaded in the memory of your PC (Personal Computer). MS-DOS is a single-user single-tasking operating system developed by Microsoft Corporation. It is a Character User Interface (CUI) operating system, in which every instruction is given by a combination of characters.

Rdbms MCQ

The RDBMS stands for Relation Database Management System. It is software used to store data in tabular format. Several modern databases like Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, and MySQL use RDBMS. It came into existence in the year 1970 and now it is one of the most popular database management systems. RDBMS facilitates you to create virtual tables for sensitive data. It is very secure only those who have permission can access it.

Terraform MCQ

Terraform is a powerful open-source tool. It is created by Hashicrop that is based on the infrastructure as code (IaC) software tool. The approach of Infrastructure as Code helps you in drift management. Terraform works with major cloud providers like Azure, AWS, and GCP. By using this software, you can easily create new infrastructure and manage your existing infrastructure as well. It is an open-source tool and declarative so it can be easily extended through its plugin architecture.

Android MCQ

Android is an open-source software-based mobile operating system. It is also known as the smartphone operating system. It is specifically designed for smartphones and tablets. Android is developed by Google and initially released on 23 September 2008. The Android operating system is written in Java, C ++, C, and other programming languages. This operating system is available in about 100 languages. The latest version of the Android operating system is Android 13, released on 15 August 2022. this operating system is now being used in television, computers, and wristwatches besides smartphones.


C# is an open-source and powerful programming language that is developed by Microsoft Corporation. The term C# is pronounced as “C sharp.” The syntax of C# is like Java that’s why both languages are the same. Most games are programmed in C# programming language. It is also used to develop desktop and web applications. In comparison to C and C++ programming languages, C# is quite easy to learn. It also provides you with cross programming platform.

Hibernate MCQ

Hibernate is an open-source Java framework. It was launched in 2001 by Gavin King and used as an alternative to EJB2. Hibernate provides an effortless way to the development of Java applications. It is a light-weighted and Object Relational Tool (ORM). This tool helps in the creation, manipulation, and access of data. Hibernate framework works with high performance and facilitates the creation of database tables automatically.

Blockchain MCQ

Blockchain is made up of blocks of many databases and each block keeps information. Every block has its hash number. The major feature of Blockchain is that if any data is stored in it, this data cannot be changed. Therefore, the chance of any type of fraud is negligible. There are three types of Blockchain technology – Public blockchain, Private blockchain, and Hybrid Blockchain. It is used for the safe and secure transfer of property, contracts, and money.


5G is the fifth generation of mobile networking. It is one hundred times faster than the 4G network and provides higher multi-speed. In comparison to 4G, it has lower latency, massive network capacity, high speed, and more reliability. 5G provides better connectivity and helps in the development of virtual reality. The most notable thing about 5G is that it will not cover the spectrum of 4G, but it will use an air interface. The speed of the fifth-generation network is 20 GBps (Gigabits-per-second).

Machine Learning MCQ

Machine Learning is a sub-field of artificial intelligence (AI). In this technology, machines are made capable to learn from past data, algorithms, and experiences. In other words, the ability of machines to learn and improve themselves without being perfectly programmed is termed as machine learning. Firstly, the word Machine Learning was introduced by Arthur Samuel. Now it is one of the rapidly growing fields of data science and is widely used in all sectors including Finance, healthcare, data security, fraud detection, and so on.

TensorFlow MCQ

TensorFlow is an open-source platform for artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML). Google Brain team developed this software for research and production in 2015. It provides a framework for numerical computation. It can be used in a variety of programming languages like Python, Java, C++, and JavaScript. But it is more friendly with Python Programming Language. As TensorFlow is used for different purposes but is used in the field of Deep Neural Networking

Data Visualization MCQ

Representation of data in the form of a chart, graph, diagram, picture, and map is termed Data Visualization. It is an effective and effortless way of communication. This technique helps you to understand the patterns and trends of a given data. And enables you to read complex to complex data in less time. The human brain can also read a picture faster than words. The three basic concepts of Data Visualization are visualization, Insight, and sharing.

Robotics MCQ

Robotics is a branch of engineering such as mechanical, electrical, and computer. In simple words- the science in which we study robots is called Robotics. The study of robotics includes the design, construction, manufacture, use, and operation of robots. In this way, it helps in the formation of Robots. Today robots are found in different varieties and used for different purposes. Robotics technology is increasing day by day and it is a product of programming.

Computer Network MCQ

When two or more devices connect, and shares data is termed Networking. These devices are either computers, servers, mobile phones, or routers. A computer network is a technology in which computers are connected either wired or wireless and share electronic data. Sometimes computer network is also termed a Data Transfer. There are three types of computer networks LAN (Local Area Network), WAN (Wide Area Network), and MAN (Metropolitan Area Network).

Email MCQ

In the olden times, letters were used to send messages to each other, but it took a lot of time. Sometimes it used to take several weeks for the letters to reach and the required message could not reach on time. To get rid of these problems, Ray Tomlinson invented the E-mail in the 1970s. Email stands for electronic mail. It is used to send and receive messages through electronic devices. We can send 1 email to multiple people at once. Through email, we can easily send our documents, photos, important messages, etc. This is currently the easiest way to send instant messages in the world. We can send millions of emails in a second.

Asp.Net MCQ

ASP.NET is an open-source platform widely used for web development. This platform provides you programming model, software infrastructure, and other essential services that are necessary for the development of any application. It is also used for the creation of dynamic and Back-end web applications. Microsoft Corporation designed this software. ASP.NET is developed on the .NET framework and provides an application program interface to programmers.


The term CCNA refers to “Cisco Certified Network Associate.” It is a Certified Networking Associate course that is initiated by the world’s famous American company Cisco. Cisco Company is popular for providing networking hardware and telecommunication instruments. CCNA is an engineering-level course that is best to make a career in networking. The duration of the CCNA course is about 3-4 months. It is considered that CCNA is the foundation of networking.


The full form of WPF is Windows Presentation Foundation. It is a graphical user interface (GUI) platform that works with the .NET framework. It is widely used for the creation of desktop client applications. WPF platform has a variety of tools like application modals, graphics, animations, data binding, layout, and security for the development of applications. Firstly, WPF was launched in the .NET framework. This Microsoft framework is powerful and is used for creating window applications

PostgreSQL MCQ

PostgreSQL is an open-source object-relational database management system. It is developed by the Global development group. It uses the pgAdmin tool to provide GUI (Graphical User Interface) and SQL() interface. PostgreSQL also provides an online backup option. It is supported by various operating systems like Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, and BSD.

Agile Methodology MCQ

Agile Methodology provides a way to manage projects by breaking them into many small phases. Its main aim is a product development and helps in delivering the right product. Agile methodology is very famous as it is directly understood through face-to-face communication. This methodology uses software development for dividing any project according to users' priority.

Data Analysis MCQ

Data Analysis is a process of extracting information from raw and unstructured data. This process involves processing, cleaning, transferring, and modeling data. It is an important part of Business. Data scientist or data analysis studies all past data of any business and useful information that is extracted called processed data.

Html5 MCQ

The term HTML refers to Hypertext Markup Language. It is mainly developed to create websites and web pages. HTML5 is nothing but an advanced or latest version of HTML. HTML has many new features and properties in comparison to HTML. It facilitates you to add audio, videos, graphics, etc. because many tags and attributes are added in HTML5. The syntax of the HTML5 programming language is very simple that facilitates users to remember easily.

Data Mining MCQ

Data mining is also known as Data Knowledge or Data Discovery. Data mining is the process of finding small data from a group of huge data. In other words, data mining technology helps you to pull out important information from huge data. In this technology data mining tools are used to analyze data. Hidden patterns and useful data are searched through this technology that is further used by organizations to solve problems and make decisions. It also alerts you about future incidents.

Bootstrap MCQ

Bootstrap is simply a framework that is developed in high-level programming languages- HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. It is mainly used for creating friendly and responsive mobile websites. The bootstrap framework is developed by Jacob Thornton and Mart Otto. Originally its name was Blueprint. In the Bootstrap framework, you do need not to do much coding as it is already coded. Bootstrap works on-grid system that divides the whole page into equal columns and rows.

Data Warehouse MCQ

Data Warehouse is simply a DMS or Data Management System. Mainly it is designed to support BI (Business Intelligence) activities, primarily analytics. This system helps in centralizing and collecting large amounts from different sources and facilitates you to analyze the data through data mining, AI (artificial intelligence), and machine learning. To save data in a group of servers or computers is known as “Data Warehousing”.

Unix MCQ

UNIX is a powerful operating system (OS). This operating system is not open-source and is only available in the paid version. UNIX is multi-tasking and multi-user operating system. This means users can do many tasks at the same time. In addition, it is very secure and portable also. UNIX software is developed by “Dennis Ritchie” in the 1960s. Initially, UNIX OS was written in Assembly Language but later in C programming language.

Real Time Operating System MCQ

RTOS is an operating system like UNIX or LINUX and is used for real-time applications. Applications whose processing of data should be completed in a fixed and very short time are called Real-Time Applications. RTOS is a time-sharing system that is based on clock-interrupt. Real-Time Operating System is used in the airline control system, traffic signals, medical imaging system, industrial system, and many more. RTOS works on a priority processing system.

Linux MCQ

LINUX is one of the most popular and widely used operating systems (OS). Unlike UNIX OS, LINUX operating system is open-source and developed by “Linus Torvalds” in 1991. It is mainly designed for web servers, mobile devices, computers, and embedded devices. LINUX Operating System is so flexible that it can be installed on servers, tablets, PCs, mobile devices, supercomputers, etc. The theme of LINUX OS is “Linux software is Everywhere”.

Cryptography MCQ

The term crypto means “mystery or hidden” and graphic means “read and write”. Cryptography is a technique of computer network that protects digital data and converts plain text into cipher text. It transfers data in a secure and hidden format that cannot be identified by any unauthorized user. Hence, cryptography establishes secure communication.

Neural Networks MCQ

Neural Network is a part of Deep Learning that is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is a network of interconnected neurons that is inspired by the biological nervous system. Sometimes it is also called “Artificial Neural Network”. It allows computers to solve complex problems in real-situation like the human brain. It has different layers and each layer performs specific tasks.

Digital Signal Processing MCQ

A Digital Signal Processor (DSP) or Digital Signal Processor (ASP) is a digital integrated circuit designed specifically to process (digitally) signals. Often it is used for the online processing of signals. It also provides a variety of techniques to improve the reliability and accuracy of digital Communication.


VLSI design usually shows the circuit diagram in detail; in this, we offer the elements of the circuit which are cells, macros, gates, and transistors. Physical Design: - In this step, there is a geometric representation of the circuit as its layout depends on the design rules.

Power BI MCQ

The term BI stands for Business Intelligence. Power BI is simply a tool of Microsoft Business Intelligence Tool. It is designed for Interactive Data Visualization and Effective Data Analysis. Power BI is a powerful tool of Business Intelligence that is used in data cleaning, data modeling, and data visualization. It is also used to collect information from multiple sites and analysis them. It studies the raw data and converts it into meaningful information.

SQL Server MCQ

SQL Server is developed and sold by Microsoft Corporation. It runs on both Windows and LINUX operating software. Just like RDBMS software, SQL Server is also written in SQL programming language. This server is platform-independent. It is used to create, maintain, and analyze databases. It is available in various editions.

Tableau MCQ

Tableau is a wonderful data visualization and business intelligence tool that want to report and analyze large volumes of information. it's an American company that started in 2003. In June 2019, Salesforce acquired Tableau. It helps users create stories to visualize and analyze various charts, graphs, maps, dashboards, and data to assist them to make business decisions. Tableau has many unique, exciting features that make it one of the foremost popular tools in Business Intelligence (BI). Let's learn more about some essential features of the Tableau Desktop. Now that we all know exactly what a tableau is, let's take a glance at a number of its key features.


SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of increasing the traffic to our websites or web pages with the help of search engines. It is part of digital marketing. there are 2 types of SEO, On-Page & OFF Page SEO. On-Page SEO is used to optimize our web pages according to search engines while Off-Page SEO is used to Sharing, bookmarking, Link Building, and Guest Postings for our websites or webpages.

Advanced Java MCQ

Advance Java is a part of the Java language. It is a sophisticated technology or advanced version of Java. It has been specially designed to develop web-based, network-centric, or enterprise applications. Not only that, it includes the concepts like Servlet, JSP, JDBC, RMI, Socket programming, etc. it is a specialization in a particular domain. Most of the applications developed using advanced Java use tow-tier architecture i.e. Client and Server. All the applications that run on the Server are often considered advanced Java applications.

Software Testing MCQ

Software Testing refers to a process in which system or system components are evaluated. This testing ensures that the system is designed on the standards set by the company. Software testing is done to provide software-related information to the customers and to check the quality. Its major function is to find the failure of software and solve the problem if the error is found.

C Programming MCQ

C Programming is a structure-oriented programming language. It was developed by Dennis Ritchie at Bell laboratories in 1972. Its features were derived from an earlier language called the Basic combined programming language. It was invented for implementing the UNIX operating system. The features of the C programming language are - Reliability, Portability, Flexibility, Interactivity, & Modularity.

Informatica MCQ

Informatica is a software development company that is founded in the year 1993. It is an American Company that was founded by two persons Diaz Nesamoney and Gaurav Dhillon. The core products of Informatica company are Enterprising Cloud Data Management, Data warehousing tools, ETL tools, and Data Integration. This company used a language that resembles SQL. Now Informatica is the leading Enterprise Cloud Data Management company in the entire world.


Swift is a multi-paradigm and powerful programming language developed by Apple Inc. Firstly released in the year 2014 to replace earlier Apple’s programming language which is Objective-C. It was introduced by Apple’s WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference) at 2014. IOS Swift is a new programming language of Apple used to create applications for iOS, iPad, macOS, and tvOS, and so on. Just like Java, Ruby, and Kotlin, swift is also based on modern practices.


GIT was first developed on 7 April 2005. GIT is an extraordinarily famous model gadget. It is installed and maintained on devices around you (rather than in the cloud) and provides you with self-contained documentation of your running programming versions. It can be used completely differently from any cloud-hosting provider, you do not even need internet access apart from downloading it.

React JS MCQ

React Js is a JavaScript library, designed to build web applications and mobile apps with interactive UI. it is an open-source front-end JavaScript library by which UI interfaces are made. It was developed by Facebook and is also controlled by the Facebook company now it’s META and it helps to create other Facebook (META) apps like Instagram and WhatsApp.


XML stands for Extensible Markup Language. It is a markup language developed in 1990 during W3C (Worldwide Consortium). Like HTML, XML is also a markup language, but it fulfills the limitations of HTML. It facilitates you to store and organize the data. In addition, XML is capable to transfers data from one web page to another. XML and HTML are used in a combined form that is called X-HTML.

Information Security MCQ

Information Security practices the protection of any sensitive information from theft and misuse. Information security also prevents the information from disclosure, use, disruption, modification, recording, inspection, and destruction of information. The three main objectives (commonly known as CIA) of Information Security are Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability. It extends to various research area that includes cryptography, cyber forensics, mobile computing, social media, etc.

Selenium MCQ

Selenium is an open-source Web User Interface automation testing tool. It is developed in 2004 by Jason Huggins. Selenium supports a variety of programming languages that includes C#, PHP, Python, Perl, Java, and Ruby. This tool is widely used for automating tests across various web browsers. It supports many browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Mozilla, and Explorer.


MS WORD has developed by Microsoft; hence its full name is Microsoft Word. It is the word processing tool of the MS Office package. It is an application or program by which we can write documents such as worksheets, Resumes, pdfs, letters, etc. In MS Word, we can easily edit and format the documents. The files that are created in MS word are called the doc. the file extension of the MS Word File is .docx. it is the most reliable and powerful application for designing any document.

Stored Procedures MCQ

Stored Procedures are simply a set of SQL statements that has an assigned name and stored in RDBMS. It is compiled once but used multiple times. Connecting statements into blocks helps in reducing network traffic between application and database. Also creates an essential layer between the user and the database. In addition, Stored Procedures increase the scalability by dividing application processing on different servers.

MS Excel MCQ

MS EXCEL has developed by Microsoft; hence its full name is Microsoft EXCEL. It is the spreadsheet package of MS Office. It is an application or program by which we can do mathematical and logical work on the worksheet. In MS Excel, you can easily do editing and format. The files that are created in MS excel have an extension with .xlsx.


MongoDB could be a document-oriented database. It suggests that it doesn't use tables and rows to store its data, but instead archives JSON-like documents. These documents support embedded fields, so related data is stored within them. MongoDB is additionally a schema-less database, so we do not must specify the quantity or columns before inserting our data.

Flutter MCQ

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Virtual Reality MCQ

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Express Js MCQ

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Adobe Illustrator MCQ

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Software Engineering MCQ

Software Engineering is simply a branch of engineering that deals with the study of the development of software products. This study includes the designing, development, analysis, testing, and maintenance of software applications. Reliable and effective software applications are developed because of the result of Software Engineering. Learning programming languages is very essential in software engineering as all the programs are developed in programming languages