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We have listed below the best Computer Graphics MCQ Questions, that are very helpful for the preparation of Computer Graphics Exams/UGC NET Exam/Interview. This Computer Graphics MCQ Test contains 25 best multiple-choice questions. You have to select the right answer to every question. You can also download here the Computer Graphics MCQ PDF.

Computer Graphics MCQ Questions

1) Computer Graphics Was First Used By

  • A. William Fetter In 1960
  • B.James Fetter In 1969
  • C.James Gosling In 1991
  • D.John Taylor In 1980

2) Personal Computer Become Powerful During The Late

  • A. 1950
  • B.1960
  • C.1970
  • D.1980

3) Three Dimensional Computer Graphics Become Effective In The Late

  • A. 1950
  • B.1980
  • C.1960
  • D.1970

4) Which Environment Has Been One Of The Most Accepted Tool For Computer Graphics In Business And Graphics Design Studios

  • A. Macintosh
  • B.Quake
  • C.Graphics
  • D.Multimedia

5) Three Dimensional Graphics Become Popular In Games Designing , Multimedia And Animation During The Late

  • A. 1960
  • B.1970
  • C.1980
  • D.1990
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6) The Quake , One Of The First Fully 3D Games Was Released In Year

  • A. 1976
  • B.1986
  • C.1996
  • D.1995

7) Types Of Computer Graphics Are

  • A. Scalar And Raster
  • B.Vector And Raster
  • C.Vector And Scalar
  • D.None Of These

8) Vector Graphics Is Composed Of

  • A. Paths
  • B.Pixels
  • C.Palette
  • D.None Of These

9) Raster Graphics Are Composed Of

  • A. Paths
  • B.Palette
  • C.Pixels
  • D.None Of These

10) Raster Images Are More Commonly Called

  • A. Pix Map
  • B.Bitmap
  • C.Both A & B
  • D.None Of These

11) Pixel Can Be Arranged In A Regular

  • A. One Dimensional Grid
  • B.Two Dimensional Grid
  • C.Three Dimensional Grid
  • D.None Of These

12) The Brightness Of Each Pixel Is

  • A. Compatible
  • B.Incompatible
  • C.Both A & B
  • D.None Of These

13) Each Pixel Has ________basic Color Components

  • A. Two Or Three
  • B.One Or Two
  • C.Three Or Four
  • D.None Of These

14) The Quantity Of An Image Depend On

  • A. No. Of Pixel Used By Image
  • B.No. Of Line Used By Image
  • C.No. Of Resolution Used By Image
  • D.None

15) Higher The Number 0f Pixels,_______ The Image Quality

  • A. Bad
  • B.Better
  • C.Smaller
  • D.None Of Above
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16) A Palette Can Be Defined As A Finite Set Of Colors For Managing The

  • A. Analog Images
  • B.Digital Images
  • C.Both A & B
  • D.None Of These

17) Display Card Is Used For The Purpose Of

  • A. Sending Graphics Data To Input Unit
  • B.Sending Graphics Data To Output Unit
  • C.Receiving Graphics Data From Output Unit
  • D.None Of These

18) Which one is not a type of basic fill styles?

  • A. solid color
  • B.Hollow
  • C.Pattern
  • D.Dark

19) The operator that is used for combining a fill pattern with a background pattern is

  • A. OR operator
  • B.AND operator
  • C.X-OR operator
  • D.All of the above

20) The choice between a bundled attribute or an unbundled attribute is made by

  • A. Index table
  • B.Setting bundle table
  • C.Setting switch
  • D.None of these

21) GUI stands for

  • A. Graphical user interface
  • B.Graphical user interaction
  • C.Graphics uniform interaction
  • D.None of above

22) Which algorithm is a faster method for calculating pixel positions?

  • A. DDA line algorithm
  • B.Mid-point algorithm
  • C.Parallel line algorithm
  • D.Bresenham’s line algorithm

23) Presentation graphics is used to .............

  • A. Create animation
  • B.Create computer-aided designs
  • C.produce high-quality graphs
  • D.All of the Above

24) ............ is not a line-type.

  • A. Dark line
  • B.Dotted line
  • C.Dashed line
  • D.None of above

25) The algorithm which displays line-type attributes by plotting pixel spans is ..........

  • A. Raster scan algorithm
  • B.Raster line algorithm
  • C.Random line algorithm
  • D.Random scan algorithm

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