Bootstrap MCQ Quiz

  1. Glyphicons Is Mainly Used For?
  2. Which Of The Following Is Correct About Bootstrap Jumbotron?
  3. Bootstrap Is Developed By
  4. Which Class Indicates A Dropdown Menu?
  5. A Standard Navigation Tab Is Created With:
  6. Bootstrap's Grid System Allows Up To
  7. Default Size Of H5 Bootstrap Heading
  8. Default Size Of H3 Bootstrap Heading
  9. The Bootstrap Class Xs Means For
  10. The Bootstrap Class Md Means For
  11. Which Of The Following Contextual Class Is Used For Warning Purpose?
  12. Which Plugin Is Used To Cycle Through Elements, Like A Slideshow?
  13. Which Of The Following Class Is Used To Create A Button As A Link In Bootstrap?
  14. Which Class Creates A List Of Items?
Bootstrap MCQ

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  • Slideshow
  • Graphic Images
  • Animation
  • Providing Different Icons
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  • This Component Can Optionally Increase The Size Of Headings And Add A Lot Of Margin For Landing Page Content.
  • To Use The Jumbotron: Create A Container
    With The Class Of .jumbotron.
  • Both A And B
  • None Of The Above
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  • James Gosling
  • Mark Otto And Jacob Thornton
  • Mark Jukervich
  • None Of Them
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  • .dropdown
  • .select
  • .dropdown-list
  • .dropup-list
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  • <ul Class="navigation-tabs">
  • <ul Class="nav Tabs">
  • <ul Class="navnav-tabs">
  • <ul Class="navnav-navbar">
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  • 6 Columns Across The Page
  • 8 Columns Across The Page
  • 12 Columns Across The Page
  • 24 Columns Across The Page
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  • Tablets
  • Desktop
  • Phones
  • Larger Desktops
  • Desktop
  • Tablets
  • Phones
  • Larger Desktops
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  • Lst-group
  • List-group
  • List-grp
  • Menu-group
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  • Fluid Layout
  • Fixed Layout
  • Both (a)and (b)
  • None Of The Above
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  • 900 Pixels To 1000 Pixels
  • 768 Pixels To 991 Pixels
  • 512 Pixels To 2048 Pixels
  • 992 Pixels To 1199 Pixels
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  • Using Different Icons Like Badge
  • Using Slideshow
  • Using Animation
  • Using Favicon
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  • .carousel (options)
  • .carousel (‘pause’)
  • .carousel (‘cycle’)
  • All of these
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