Practice Software Testing MCQ Questions to Test Your Knowledge 

Software testing is the process of finding errors in computer software. The software testing process can be divided into a number of stages (pre-test, test, post-test, and maintenance) that can be used to ensure that the software meets the required criteria or not. Mainly, there are 2 types of software testing - 

  1. Manual Testing
  2. Automation Testing 

Finally, practice here the best 40+ Software Testing MCQ Questions, that checks your basic knowledge about Software Testing. You have to select the right answer to every question to check your final preparation for your exam or interview. apart from this, you can also download below the Software Testing MCQ PDF completely free.

Software Testing MCQ

1) _______________ is not a software quality model.

  • A. McCall model
  • B.Boehm model
  • C.ISO 9000
  • D.ISO 9126

2) Which one of the following term describes testing?

  • A. Evaluating deliverable to find errors
  • B.A stage of all projects
  • C.A stage of all projects
  • D.None of the these

3) What is Exhaustive testing ?

  • A. practically possible
  • B.impractical but possible
  • C.impractical and impossible
  • D.always possible

4) Black box testing is only functional testing.

  • A. True
  • B.False

5) Which one of the following technique is applied for usability testing?

  • A. White box
  • B.Black box
  • C.Grey box
  • D.All of the mentioned above
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6) Testing of individual components by the developers are comes under ________________ .

  • A. Integration testing
  • B.Validation testing
  • C.Unit testing
  • D.None of mentioned

7) the testing have been stopped When ____________ .

  • A. the faults have been fixed
  • B.all the tests run
  • C.the time completed
  • D.the risk are resolved

8) ____________is not Structural Testing?

  • A. Parallel
  • B.Acceptance
  • C.Stress
  • D.Regression

9) Testing comes under _____________category of cost of quality.

  • A. Appraisal
  • B.Failure
  • C.Preventive
  • D.None of the mentioned

10) Which one is the reputed testing standard?

  • A. QAI
  • B.M Bridge awards
  • C.ISO
  • D.Microsoft

11) Testing which performed first is -

  • A. Dynamic testing
  • B.Black box testing
  • C.White box testing
  • D.Static testing

12) _____________testing focuses on heavily testing of one particular module.

  • A. Gorilla Testing
  • B.Fuzz Testing
  • C.Inter-Systems Testing
  • D.Breadth Testing

13) Confidence Testing refers to Smoke Testing .

  • A. True
  • B.False

14) Verification is __________________ .

  • A. Making sure that it is what the user really wants
  • B.Checking that we are building the right system
  • C.Checking that we are building the system right
  • D.Performed by an independent test team

15) Which one is the main focus of acceptance testing.

  • A. testing the system with other systems
  • B.testing for a business perspective
  • C.finding faults in the system
  • D.testing the system with other systems

16) ___________is not static testing technique.

  • A. Walkthrough
  • B.Error guessing
  • C.Inspections
  • D.Data flow analysis

17) What is the Full form of ITG?

  • A. individual testing group
  • B.integration testing group
  • C.instantaneous test group
  • D.independent test group

18) Software mistakes during coding are known as _________ .

  • A. errors
  • B.bugs
  • C.failures
  • D.defects

19) What is cyclomatic complexity in software testing?

  • A. Black box testing
  • B.Yellow box testing
  • C.White box testing
  • D.Green box testing

20) Maintenance testing is performed using which methodology?

  • A. Retesting
  • B.Sanity testing
  • C.Confirmation testing
  • D.Breadth test and depth test

21) White Box techniques are also classified as

  • A. Structural testing
  • B.Design based testing
  • C.Error guessing technique
  • D.None of above

22) What are the various testing levels?

  • A. Unit Testing
  • B.System Testing
  • C.Integration Testing
  • D.All of the Above

23) Testing done without planning and Documentation is called ....................

  • A. Unit testing
  • B.Adhoc testing
  • C.Regression testing
  • D.None of above

24) Which of the following is true about black-box testing?

  • A. Black box testing facilitates testing communication amongst modules
  • B.The main focus of black box testing is on the validation of your functional requirements.
  • C.Black box testing gives abstraction from code and focuses on testing effort on the software system behavior.
  • D.All of the Above

25) The plan for unit testing, system testing, and acceptance testing is called ____________.

  • A. A test plan
  • B.A development plan
  • C.A Re-Test Plan
  • D.None of above

26) Which of the following is true of a systems test?

  • A. System test falls under the black box testing category of software testing.
  • B.The purpose of a system test is to evaluate the end-to-end system specifications
  • C.verifies that all programs in an application work together properly
  • D.All of the Above

27) The testing process that focuses on individual computer programs is called ....................

  • A. Unit testing
  • B.Integration testing.
  • C.End-to-end testing.
  • D.Regression testing.

28) The main focus of acceptance testing is ....................

  • A. Finding faults in the system
  • B.Testing from a business perspective
  • C.Testing the system with other systems
  • D.Ensuring that the system is acceptable to all users

29) Acceptance testing is also known as ................

  • A. Beta testing
  • B.Alpha Testing
  • C.Grey box testing
  • D.White box testing

30) Which of the following is not a static testing technique?

  • A. Inspections
  • B.Error guessing
  • C.Data flow analysis
  • D.None of above

31) Which of the following is not described in a unit test standard?

  • A. Stress testing
  • B.Syntax testing
  • C.Equivalence partitioning
  • D.All of the Above

32) User acceptance testing is done in the ______ stage.

  • A. Manual Stage
  • B.Automatic Stage
  • C.Both Manual & Automatic
  • D.None of the above

33) The testing which is done by going through the code is known as ...................

  • A. Unit Testing
  • B.Blackbox testing
  • C.White box Testing
  • D.None of above

34) Which of the following is not a black box technique?

  • A. Syntax testing
  • B.LCSAJ testing
  • C.State transition testing
  • D.None of the above

35) Which of the following is not a white box technique?

  • A. Path testing
  • B.Data flow testing
  • C.Statement testing
  • D.State transition testing

36) What types of errors are missed by black box testing?

  • A. Logic errors
  • B.Typographical errors
  • C.Behavioral errors
  • D.Both Logic & Typographical

37) Which of the following is a form of functional testing?

  • A. Security testing
  • B.Usability testing
  • C.Performance testing
  • D.Boundary value analysis

38) Functional testing is known as ............

  • A. Component testing
  • B.Sanity testing
  • C.Acceptance testing
  • D.None of above

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