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About MS Word

MS Word is a well-known and trusted word processing software, developed by Microsoft Company. It has been used by people all around the world to create, edit, and share documents. Word offers a variety of features like powerful editing tools, templates, and built-in spelling and grammar checkers. The software is most often used as a part of a larger office suite, but it can also be purchased as a standalone application.


  • The most widely used word processing software.
  • It lets you create various types of documents like resumes, eBooks, brochures, and more.
  • MS Word is essential software for all professionals and has been used by generations of professionals.


Take MS Word MCQ Test & Online Quiz to Test Your Knowledge

Practice here the best MS Word MCQ Questions, that checks your basic knowledge of MS Word. This MS Word MCQ Test contains the best 40+ Microsoft Word Multiple Choice Questions and Answers. these MCQs are very popular & asked various times in MS Word Exams/Interviews. So, practice these questions, to check your final preparation. Finally, you have to select the right option for every question to check the right answers. apart from this, you can also download the MS Word MCQ PDF completely free.

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1) The spelling and grammar tool .................

  • A. Indicates grammatical errors
  • B.Corrects spelling errors as you type
  • C.Identifies words with capitalization problems
  • D.All of above

2) Which is not a font style in MS word?

  • A. Bold
  • B.Superscript
  • C.Italic
  • D.Regular

3) To display hyperlink fields in a word document, you can press the ..................

  • A. Ctrl+Shift+F9 Key
  • B.Ctrl+Alt Key
  • C.Shift + F9
  • D.None Of Above

4) What is Landscape in MS Word?

  • A. A Font Style
  • B.Page Orientation
  • C.Paper Size
  • D.Page Layout

5) We can send the word documents to .............

  • A. Microsoft powerpoint
  • B.Microsoft excel
  • C.Microsoft access
  • D.All of above
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6) The default page orientation of MS word documents is ....................

  • A. Landscape
  • B.Long Sides
  • C.Portrait
  • D.Double Long Side

7) Which of the following is not available on the ruler of MS Word screen?

  • A. Tab Stop Box
  • B.Center Indent
  • C.Left Indent
  • D.Right Indent

8) Which of the following is not option for changing the case of the text?

  • A. Indent case
  • B.Sentence case
  • C.Toggle case
  • D.Lower case

9) The drag and drop feature allows us to ....................

  • A. Switch From Insert To Over Type Mode
  • B.Move And Copy Text Using The Mouse
  • C.Move And Copy Text Using The Clipboard
  • D.Open A New Document And Drop It Into The Active Document

10) Which of the following function key is used to spell check in MS Word Docs?

  • A. F5
  • B.F6
  • C.F7
  • D.F8

11) How to insert a sound file in Word Document ?

  • A. From Insert -> Sound Menu Option
  • B.From Insert -> File Menu Option
  • C.From Insert -> Subject Menu Option
  • D.From Insert -> Object Menu Option

12) How many maximum number of columns can be inserted in the Word Document?

  • A. 45
  • B.50
  • C.55
  • D.65

13) What is the smallest and largest available font on formatting toolbar?

  • A. Smallest 8 and Largest 70
  • B.Smallest 5 and Largest 72
  • C.Smallest 8 and Largest 72
  • D.Smallest 5 and Largest 70

14) Where can we find the horizontal split bar on MS Word screen ?

  • A. On the bottom of vertical scroll bar
  • B.On the left of horizontal scroll bar
  • C.On the right of horizontal scroll bar
  • D.On the top of vertical scroll bar

15) Ctrl+h shortcut is used for ..................

  • A. Open find and replace dialog box with activating go to tab
  • B.Open find and replace dialog box with activating find tab
  • C.Open find and replace dialog box with activating replace tab
  • D.Open insert dialog box activating insert hyper link tab

16) Which shortcut key is used for align center in MS Word?

  • A. Ctrl + A
  • B.Ctrl + E
  • C.Ctrl + B
  • D.Ctrl + D

17) How to use the format painter multiple times?

  • A. By click on lock format painter icon
  • B.Format painter cannot be use multiple times
  • C.By double click on the format painter icon
  • D.None of above

18) The process of removing unwanted part of an image is called ............

  • A. Cropping
  • B.Bordering
  • C.Hiding
  • D.Cutting

19) The space left between the margin and the start of a paragraph is called -

  • A. Spacing
  • B.Alignment
  • C.Indentation
  • D.Gutter

20) Which items are placed at the end of a document?

  • A. End Note
  • B.Footer
  • C.Foot Note
  • D.Header

21) A number of letter that appears little below the normal text is called -

  • A. Subscript
  • B.Superscript
  • C.Supertext
  • D.Toptext

22) We can insert a page number at .................... in MS Word Docs.

  • A. Footer
  • B.Header
  • C.Both Header & Footer
  • D.None of the above

23) We can change the thickness of a line from -

  • A. Line Thick
  • B.Line Height
  • C.Line Width
  • D.Line Style

24) Color and pattern used to fill a closed shape is called -

  • A. Fill Style
  • B.WordArt
  • C.Shape
  • D.Fill Back

25) Where footnotes are appear in a word document?

  • A. Bottom of a Page
  • B.End of document
  • C.End of Heading
  • D.None

26) Which is the default alignment in word?

  • A. Right
  • B.Left
  • C.Centre
  • D.Justify

27) Which shortcut key is used for the save document in MS WORD?

  • A. Ctrl + C
  • B.Ctrl + V
  • C.Ctrl + S
  • D.Ctrl + A

28) Microsoft Word is a ...............

  • A. Presentation program
  • B.Word processing program
  • C.Spreadsheet program
  • D.None of these

29) Ms office is application software.

  • A. True
  • B.False

30) How many columns can you insert in a word document in maximum?

  • A. 55
  • B.50
  • C.45
  • D.40

31) Selecting text means, selecting?

  • A. an entire sentence
  • B.a word
  • C.whole document
  • D.All of the above

32) In ms word, for what does ruler help?

  • A. to set indents
  • B.to change page margins
  • C.to set tabs
  • D.All of the above

33) Which menu in MS Word can be used to change character size and typeface?

  • A. View
  • B.Tools
  • C.Format
  • D.Data

34) Which bar is usually located below that Title Bar that provides categorized options?

  • A. Status Bar
  • B.Menu bar
  • C.Tool bar
  • D.Scroll bar

35) What is the function of Ctrl + B in MS Word?

  • A. It converts selected text into the next larger size of the same font
  • B.It makes to selected text bold
  • C.It applies Italic formatting t the selected text
  • D.It adds a line break to the document

36) In Microsoft Word, shortcut key CTRL+W is used for

  • A. Update the current Web page
  • B.close the current window
  • C.open the Print dialog box
  • D.None of these

37) What is the gutter margin in MS Word?

  • A. Margin that is added to right margin when printing
  • B.Margin that is added to the left margin when printing
  • C.Margin that is added to the outside of the page when printing
  • D.Margin that is added to the binding side of page when printing

38) Home Key is uses for ................

  • A. Moves the cursor beginning of the line
  • B.Moves the cursor beginning of the screen
  • C.Moves the cursor beginning of the paragraph
  • D.None of above

39) The four types of mail merge main documents are ..............

  • A. Basic letters, envelops, labels and list
  • B.Form letters, directories, catalogues and envelope
  • C.Form letters, envelopes, mailing labels, and catalogues.
  • D.Form letters, envelops and mailing labels, directories and lists

40) The ability to combine names and addresses with a standard document is called .................... in MS Word document.

  • A. Form letters
  • B.Mail merge
  • C.Document formatting
  • D.All of the Above

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