If you are preparing for a Microsoft interview, Must go through these questions series.Here you will find latest interview Questions and answers on Microsoft Frameworks and tools.

Microsoft Programming languages and frameworks.

Microsoft is a multinational Software Company that works on various technologies. It is headquarters in Redmond, Washington. Here you can find the latest interview questions and answers on programming languages, frameworks, and tools created and managed by Microsoft Corporation.

Microsoft Programming languages and frameworks

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WCF Interview Questions: WCF (Windows Communication Framework) is a Microsoft structure that helps in making inter – process correspondences simpler. Through different methods, it gives you a chance to do correspondence like MS informing Queuing, Services, Remoting, etc.

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LINQ interview questions: LINQ is the acronym for Language Integrated Query. It is a collection of standard query operators that adds native data querying facilities to .NET framework Languages like C#, VB.NET. Read Best LINQ interview questions 2018

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MVC is the short form for the model, view, and controller and parts the application into three components.The model represents the form of the data and business logic and maintains the data of the application. The view is a user interface to display data using the model to the user and also enables them to modify the data. The controller controls the user request, which in turn promotes the acceptable URL request, and this call will be handled by a controller.