Ios Swift MCQ Quiz

  1. IOS Stands For ?
  2. The IDE Used In Swift Is
  3. To Create Mutable Object __ Is Used
  4. Which Of The Following IOS Frameworks Is A Commonly Used Third Party Library?
  5. To Create Contants In Swift We Use Keyword ...
  6. Double Has A Precision Of At Least _ Decimal Digits In Swift.
  7. First IOS Was Written In
  8. We Can Return Multiple Values In Swift From Function By Using?
  9. Which Of The Following Is Incorrect Data Type In SWIFT ?
  10. If You Do Not Want To Mention External Name In Function Call, Then What Should Be Preceded Before The Parameters While Defining The Function?
  11. The Most Recent Version Of MacOS Is Based On ... ?
  12. To Initialize Variable With Null Require...
  13. Meaning Of IOS Is?
  14. What Is A LLVM ?

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Below are few IOS Swift MCQ test that checks your basic knowledge of IOS Swift. This IOS Swift Test contains around 20 questions of multiple choice with 4 options. You have to select the right answer to a question. You can see the correct answer by clicking view answer link.

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  • Internetwork Operating System
  • IPhone Operating System
  • Internet Operating System
  • None Of Them
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  • AVFoundation.framework
  • Audiotoolbox.framework
  • AFNetwork.framework
  • Audiotoolbox.framework
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  • SystemIntergrated Open System
  • Integrated Operating
  • Internetworking Operating System
  • None Of Above
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  • Swiftc Compiler
  • Contains Both Compiler (swiftc And Objective C)
  • Objective C Compiler
  • None Of The Above
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  • IPhone OS
  • IOS Is Original Name
  • IPad OS
  • IPod OS
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  • Proprietary
  • Free And Open Source
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  • UIKit Framework
  • AppKit Framework
  • Foundation Framework
  • CoreMotion Framework
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  • Let X =[Int]()
  • Var X=[Int]
  • Var X=[Int]()
  • Let X=[Int]
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  • It Is A Class
  • It Is Used To Send Data
  • It Is Folder With .app Extension
  • None Of Above
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