Blockchain MCQ

Blockchain MCQ

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Take Blockchain MCQ Test & Online Quiz to test your knowledge

Practice here the top Blockchain MCQ Questions, that check your basic knowledge of Blockchain Technology. This Blockchain MCQ Test contains 25+ Multiple Choice Questions. You have to select the right answer to every question to check your final preparation for the Blockchain Exam/Interviews. apart from this, you can also download the Blockchain MCQ PDF from the given link between the Quiz.

Blockchain MCQ Questions

1) What are UTXOs in a Bitcoin Blockchain?

  • A. These are rewards for miners
  • B.These are transaction output that has ben expended
  • C.These form the input and output for transactions
  • D.These are actual currency that is sent to the receiver of a transaction

2) What is a blockchain?

  • A. A Currency
  • B.A centralized ledger
  • C.A type of cryptocurrency
  • D.A distributed ledger on a peer to peer network

3) Which of the following industry can use blockchain technology for cybersecurity?

  • A. Logistics
  • B.Healthcare
  • C.Critical infrastructure
  • D.All of the Above

4) What are the pillars of blockchain technology?

  • A. Decentralization
  • B.Immutability
  • C.Transparency
  • D.All of the Above

5) how many pillars of blockchain technology have?

  • A. 2
  • B.3
  • C.4
  • D.6
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6) A Blockchain carries no transaction cost.

  • A. True
  • B.False

7) What are the benefits of blockchain technology?

  • A. Security & Speed
  • B.Fraud control & Access levels
  • C.No hidden fees
  • D.All of the Above

8) What are the disadvantages of Blockchain Technology?

  • A. Blockchain is not indestructible.
  • B.Scalability remains blockchain's weakness.
  • C.Blockchain entries do not last forever or are not immutable.
  • D.All of the Above

9) What is the full form of P2P in blockchain?

  • A. Peer to Peer
  • B.Public to private
  • C.Product to Product
  • D.None of above

10) Bitcoin was created by ...................

  • A. John Mcafee
  • B.Satoshi Nakamoto
  • C.Alon musk
  • D.None of above

11) What is the term for when a blockchain splits?

  • A. A fork
  • B.A merger
  • C.A division
  • D.None of above

12) Blockchain is a type of ................

  • A. View
  • B.Table
  • C.Object
  • D.Database

13) Blockchains are store data in the form of ?

  • A. lines
  • B.Circle
  • C.Blocks
  • D.None of above

14) Are Decentralized blockchains immutable?

  • A. True
  • B.False

15) The blockchain was invented by .................... in 2008.

  • A. Alon Musk
  • B.Bill Gates
  • C.Satoshi Nakamoto
  • D.None of above

16) The blockchain is considered a type of .................

  • A. Payment rail
  • B.Payment method
  • C.Payment Organisation
  • D.None of above

17) A blockchain has been described as a value-exchange protocol.

  • A. Yes
  • B.No

18) A hybrid blockchain has a combination of .................. features.

  • A. Centralized
  • B.Decentralized
  • C.Both Centralized & Decentralized
  • D.None of above

19) The Some of the largest, most known public blockchains are the ...........................

  • A. Bitcoin blockchain
  • B.Ethereum blockchain
  • C.Hybrid blockchain
  • D.Both Bitcoin & Ethereum blockchain

20) Currently, there are four types of blockchain networks. these are ......................

  • A. Public blockchains
  • B.Private blockchains
  • C.consortium & hybrid blockchains
  • D.All of the Above

21) Who is a miner in blockchain?

  • A. Miner is type of blockchain
  • B.Miner is a person doing calculations to verify a transaction
  • C.Miners are Computers that validate and process blockchain transactions
  • D.None of the above

22) Which statement is true about blockchain?

  • A. Blockchain has been described as a value-exchange protocol
  • B.Blockchain database is managed autonomously using a peer-to-peer network
  • C.Blockchain is a decentralized, distributed, and oftentimes public, digital ledge
  • D.All of the above

23) What is cold storage in blockchain?

  • A. Cold Storage is desktop wallet
  • B.Code storage is a private key connected to the Internet
  • C.Code storage is a private key not connected to the Internet
  • D.None of the above

24) What are the different types of tokens in blockchain?

  • A. Platform
  • B.Privacy
  • C.Currency
  • D.All of the above

25) What is a node in blockchain?

  • A. It is a Blockchain
  • B.It is an exchange
  • C.It is a type of cryptocurrency
  • D.It is a computer on a Blockchain network

26) What is nonce in blockchain?

  • A. Follows nouns
  • B.A Hash Function
  • C.Prevents Double Spending
  • D.Send Information to the Blockchain Network

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