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Computer Network MCQ with Answers

1) The IETF standards documents are called-

  • A. RCF
  • B.RFC
  • C.ID
  • D.None of the mentioned

2) The _______ is the physical path over which a message travels -

  • A. Protocol
  • B.Path
  • C.Medium
  • D.Route

3) Three or more devices share a link in ________ connection -

  • A. Multipoint
  • B.Point to point
  • C.Unipoint
  • D.None of the mentioned

4) Which one of the following computer network is built on the top of another network?

  • A. chief network
  • B.prime network
  • C.prior network
  • D.overlay network

5) A list of protocols used by a system, one protocol per layer, is called

  • A. protocol architecture
  • B.protocol suite
  • C.protocol stack
  • D.none of the mentioned
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6) Communication channel is shared by all the machines on the network in

  • A. unicast network
  • B.broadcast network
  • C.multicast network
  • D.none of the mentioned

7) In computer network nodes are

  • A. the computer that routes the data
  • B.the computer that terminates the data
  • C.the computer that originates the data
  • D.all of the mentioned

8) Bluetooth is an example of

  • A. local area network
  • B.virtual private network
  • C.personal area network
  • D.none of the mentioned

9) The function of DSLAM is -

  • A. Convert digital signals into analog signals
  • B.Amplify digital signals
  • C.Convert analog signals into digital signals
  • D.None of these

10) StarBand provides

  • A. Cable access
  • B.FTTH internet access
  • C.Telephone access
  • D.Satellite access

11) The physical layer concerns with

  • A. process to process delivery
  • B.application to application delivery
  • C.bit-by-bit delivery
  • D.none of the mentioned

12) In asynchronous serial communication the physical layer provides -

  • A. flow control
  • B.start and stop signalling
  • C.both 1 & 2
  • D.none of the mentioned

13) Which one of the following is not a function of network layer?

  • A. inter-networking
  • B.congestion control
  • C.routing
  • D.none of the mentioned

14) The network layer protocol of internet is called -

  • A. internet protocol
  • B.hypertext transfer protocol
  • C.ethernet
  • D.none of the mentioned

15) The data link layer takes the packets from _________ and encapsulates them into frames for transmission.

  • A. physical layer
  • B.transport layer
  • C.network layer
  • D.application layer

16) Which one of the following is a data link protocol?

  • A. point to point protocol
  • B.hdlc
  • C.ethernet
  • D.all of the mentioned

17) Transmission control protocol is

  • A. uses a three way handshake to establish a connection
  • B.recievs data from application as a single stream
  • C.connection oriented protocol
  • D.all of the mentioned

18) Transport layer protocols deals with

  • A. process to process communication
  • B.application to application communication
  • C.node to node communication
  • D.none of the mentioned

19) Physical or logical arrangement of network is __________

  • A. Networking
  • B.Topology
  • C.Routing
  • D.None of these

20) This topology requires multipoint connection

  • A. Mesh
  • B.Star
  • C.Ring
  • D.Bus

21) Multiplexing is used in _______

  • A. Circuit switching
  • B.Data switching
  • C.Packet switching
  • D.Packet & Circuit switching

22) Multiplexing can provide ________

  • A. Anti jamming
  • B.Efficiency
  • C.Privacy
  • D.Both Efficiency & Privacy

23) What is firewall in computer network?

  • A. Web browsing software
  • B.Operating system
  • C.Physical boundary of Network
  • D.System software to prevent unauthorized access

24) TCP/IP model does not have ................

  • A. Session layer
  • B.Network layer
  • C.Transport layer
  • D.Application layer

25) A single channel is shared by multiple signals by .......................

  • A. Multiplexing
  • B.Digital modulation
  • C.Analog modulation
  • D.None of the above

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