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Database Client & servers.

A database server, as defined by the client-server model, is a server that houses a database application that provides database services to other computer programs or computers. A database management system (DBMS) has database data creation and management software. These provide users and people who are programming the right way to collect, manage, update and create data.

Database management software that helps to keep the data safe and secure in that software. These tools help reduce data redundancy and maintain data efficiency and data transmission. Some of them are open source, some with specific features are commercial. Here is a comprehensive list of the programs that provide Database Clients and Servers related programming features.

Database Client & servers

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RavenDB Interview Questions

RavenDB is the first full-transaction NoSQL ACID database in the industry combining scalability, high availability, speed and performance. It is a database which alleviates the main issues faced by businesses and small businesses before they really come across them.

It's an easy-to-install, easy-to-use database that uses the best NoSQL database could offer, but it's completely transactional so you don't lose this critical element.

Couchdb Interview Questions

CouchDB is the NoSQL database that leads to digital innovation revolutionary. The platform provides unrivaled agility and management, as well as unrivaled quality on any level, to produce increasingly customized user experiences.

Built with one of the most powerful NoSQL technology, CouchDB is built for the massively interactive enterprise on top of an open source foundation.

Weblogic Interview Questions

Oracle WebLogic is the best free new application server in the world for Java EE applications, bringing in new elements to minimize operational costs, boost performance, significantly increase usability and actually support the Oracle Applications portfolio.

WebLogic Server Java EE systems are based entirely on formalized modules; WebLogic Server provides a comprehensive set of services for all of these modules and performs many particulars of application behavior without software.

MariaDB Interview Questions

MariaDB, a multi-threaded, open-source, RDMS. fIts speed is one of its highlights. MariaDB is extraordinarily scalable, capable of handling tens of thousands of tables and billions of data rows. It can also quickly and smoothly manage small amounts of data, making it suitable for small companies or personal projects.

Cassandra Interview Questions

When you need scalability and high availability, the Cassandra database is the right choice without jeopardizing performance. On commodity hardware or cloud infrastructure, linear scalability and proven fault tolerance make it the perfect platform for mission-critical data.

Cassandra's replication strong support across multiple datacentres’ is best - in - class, providing your users with lower latency and the comfort that you can sustain regional outages.

PouchDB Interview Questions

PouchDB is a CouchDB - inspired open - source database designed to run well in the browser. PouchDB helps web developers to make new applications that work online as well as offline. It enables applications to purchase the data online while offline and coordinate it with CouchDB and fully compatible servers once the application returns online.

DB2 Interview Questions

The database management tools suite of IBM DB2 actually supports highly integrated database system design, development, testing, monitoring, migration, and management. With IBM DB2 tools and techniques, you can enhance database management, maximize performance and availability, improve productivity and reduce costs while maintaining your data's privacy, security, and integrity.

DBMS Interview Questions

DBMS is the software that interferes to capture and analyze data with end users, applications, and the database itself. Additionally, the DBMS software includes the core services for managing the database. The total sum of the database, DBMS and related applications can be called a "database system”.

Stored procedures Interview questions

A stored procedure is a subprogram made available for RDBMS access applications. Such processes are stored in the database data dictionary. For stored procedures, it uses data validation or access control mechanisms.

Furthermore, the logic initially instituted in applications can be consolidated and centralized by Stored procedures. To save time and memory, it is possible to process comprehensive or complicated processing requiring multiple SQL statements in stored procedures and all programs call the procedures.

Mysql Interview Questions

MySQL is an open source system for Relational Database Management (RDBMS). Many database-driven web apps use MySQL free and open-source software under MySQL, including WordPress. Many major sites are also using MySQL, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr.

Mssql Interview Questions

Mssql interview questions: There are a dozen of editions of Microsoft SQL server in the market, which targets different audiences and workloads of all interfaces ranging from the small single interface applications to large interface application with lots of concurrent users.

MongoDB Interview Questions

MongoDB is a database-oriented cross-platform database program. Classified as a database program for NoSQL, MongoDB uses schemata - like JSON documents. In MongoDB, you can try searching by field, range, and regular expression searches are also supported.

MongoDB fully supports replication of Master-Slave. A master can copy the master's data from Reads and Writes and a Slave that can only be used for reading or backup.

Neo4j interview questions

Neo4j is a Neo4j, Inc. graph database management system. It is accessible in an open - source "community edition" licensed under the GPL3, with online backup and extensions of high availability licensed under a closed - source commercial license.

Neo4j is fully implemented in Java and can be accessed via software developed in other languages by using the Cypher Query Language via a transactional HTTP node or a binary "bolt" protocol.

NoSQL interview questions

NoSQL includes a variety of different database systems that have been developed to meet the requirements of developing modern applications for developers working with applications that create massive volumes of new, quickly changing data may be structured, semi-structured, unstructured or polymorphic data.

NoSQL databases are more customizable and perform much better, and their data model addresses many difficulties that are not addressed by the relational model.

Oracle Interview Questions

The revolutionary cloud database of Oracle is self-driving, self-safe, self-repairing, and intended to remove manual data management that is prone to mistakes. Moving your existing OLTP and data warehouse to the cloud easily or easily.

The secure, smart, highly scalable cloud database allows you to gain more value out of your data in order to grow your business.

OrientDB interview questions

OrientDB Enterprise Edition is a software specifically designed for applications seeking a multi-model database that is scalable, robust and secure. Its main objective is to save your OrientDB investment time and money by reducing the risk, cost, effort and time invested in a business-critical application.

It involves professional business tools including Query Profiler, Distributed Clustering, Auditing Tools, Metrics Recording, Configurable Alerts Live Monitor and Non - Stop Incremental Backups.

PL/SQL Interview Questions

PL / SQL is a procedural language specifically designed to include SQL assertions in its syntax. The Oracle Database server compiles PL / SQL program units and is deposited in the database.

And both PL / SQL and SQL run in same server entire process at runtime, putting optimum efficiency. PL / SQL automatically acquires the Oracle Database's robustness, security, and portability.

Postgresql Interview Questions

PostgreSQL Precog enables subscribers to quickly perform PostgreSQL data science. Precog for PostgreSQL packages the core technology of Precog analysis into a totally free package that anybody can install and activate to their existing PostgreSQL database.

Precog for PostgreSQL comes free with Labcoat, a high - level analysis tool that allows users to analyze data using the statistically speaking centered query language of Quirrel.

Redis interview questions

Redis is free software, the data structure stored in memory, used as a broker for databases, caches, and messages. It actually supports data structures such as with strings, hashes, lists, sets, range query sorted sets, bitmaps, hyper logs, radius query and streams geospatial indexes.

Oracle DBA Interview Questions

Oracle database is the most popularly used software for managing the object-relational database. This tool's latest version is 12c where c implies cloud computing. It fully supports several versions of Windows, UNIX, and Linux.

Few Oracle RDBMS features include being secured, taking up less space, supporting large databases, and reducing data processing time for the CPU.

SQLite interview questions

SQLite is an in-process library that enforces a transactional SQL database engine that is self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration. The SQLite code is already in the public domain and hence is free to use for any big commercial or privately-owned purpose.

SQLite is perhaps the most commonly used database in the world today with more applications, including many high-profile projects, than we can count.