Spring MCQ Quiz

  1. Spring is licensed under
  2. Spring is developed by
  3. Which one of following is an alternative to Spring HibernateTemplate
  4. Which of following method is used to gracefully shutdown all the bean processes after closing the spring container?
  5. What is the scope of bean in portlet context?
  6. Can we integrate Struts with Spring?
  7. What is the default scope of the beans?
  8. What is bean in Spring?
  9. How to use <ref> in spring framework?
  10. Which method is used to process bean before initialization callback
  11. Which tag is also allowed by static field?
  12. AOP stands for?
  13. Which element is used to specify access attributes for bean's methods.
  14. How many types of method injection are available in spring?
Spring MCQ

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  • GNU
  • Apache License 2.0
  • GNU Lesser General Public License
  • Open source
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  • Red Hat Software
  • Daniel Fernández
  • Apache
  • Pivotal Software
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  • HibernateContext
  • Hibernate contextual sessions
  • All of the mentioned
  • None of the mentioned
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  • shutdownHook
  • destory method
  • session method
  • None of these
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  • global-session
  • session
  • request
  • prototype
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  • Prototype
  • session
  • Request
  • Singleton
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  • A component
  • An Object
  • A class
  • A container
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  • <ref> is used with bean id
  • <ref> is used with string values
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  • postProcessAfterInitialization()
  • scope
  • postProcessBeforeInitialization()
  • it's own constructor
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  • util:constant
  • list
  • constructor-args
  • set
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  • Asynchronous oriented programming
  • Aspect Oriented Programming
  • All Oops Program
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  • security:intercept
  • security:protect
  • security:intercept-security
  • none of above
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  • 4
  • 2
  • 8
  • 1
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