1. VLSI is an acronym for _________
  2. MOSFETs possess ________
  3. _____ to form integrated circuit VLSI technology uses.
  4. What is medium scale integration?
  5. Logic design of VLSI is used________
  6. Which type of MOSFET exhibits no current at zero gate voltage?
  7. MOS transistor structure is ________
  8. The VLSI design flow starts with:
  9. Which color is used for polysilicon is stick diagram?
  10. What is the expansion of VLSI
  11. Which model is used for scaling?
  12. Which is the high level representation of VLSI design?
  13. Gate minimization technique is used to simplify the logic.
  14. ______ is used to deal with effect of variation.

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  • Varying large Scale Integration
  • Varying large Scale Integrity
  • Very large Scale Integration
  • None of the above
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  • Poor packing density
  • Low packing density
  • High packing density
  • None of the above
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  • Ten logic gates
  • Fifty logic gates
  • Hundred logic gates
  • Thousands of logic gates
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  • Depletion MOSFET
  • Enhancement MOSFET
  • Both A & B
  • None of the above
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  • symmetrical
  • semi symmetrical
  • non symmetrical
  • pseudo symmetrical
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  • RTL synthesis
  • Library mapping
  • Product specifications
  • None of the above
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  • Very Long Scale IC
  • Very Large Scale IC
  • Very Long Scale Integration
  • Very Large Scale Integration
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  • constant electric and voltage scaling
  • constant current model
  • constant voltage scaling
  • constant electric scaling
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  • Logic design
  • Functional design
  • HDL program
  • Problem statement
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  • Chip level technique
  • Logic level technique
  • Switch level technique
  • System level technique
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  • Front end
  • Back end
  • Both A & B
  • None of the above
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  • input margin.
  • noise margin.
  • output differential.
  • input level.
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