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React js MCQ Set -1

1. Everything in React is a _____________

2. In which directory React Components are saved?
Inside js/components/
Inside vendor/components/

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3. How many elements does a react component return?
1 Element
2 Element

4. What is state in React?
A persistant storage.
An internal data store (object) of a component.

5. What is Babel?
A transpiler.
A Compiler that compiles react Code.

6. What does the “webpack” command do?
Transpiles all the Javascript down into one file
Runs react local development server.

7.What port is the default where the webpack-dev-server will run?

8.What is ReactJS?
Server side Framework
User-interface framework

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9. What are the two ways that data gets handled in React?/a>
state & props
services & components

10. Props are __________ into other components