1. Which Command is used to show limited number of commits?
  2. Which command defines the author email to be used for all commits by the current user.
  3. ____________ command is useful for getting a high-level overview of the project history.
  4. ___________________ removes untracked files from your working directory.
  5. Which command creates an empty Git repository in the specified directory?
  6. Command to download all the objects and references from a specified repository
  7. Git command to compare two specified branches
  8. _____________ command renames the current branch to <branch>
  9. Which Git command displays the patch representing each commit.
  10. Which of the following command line environment is used for interacting with Git ?
  11. In Git, if you want to make your local repository reflect changes that have been made in a remote (tracked) repository, you should run the pull command
  12. If you want to make radical changes to your team’s project and don’t want to impact the rest of the team, you should implement your changes in -
  13. The Git clone command does which of the following?
  14. Which one of the following is not part of the data structure of a Git repository?

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  • git fetch
  • git log -n
  • git config
  • git status
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  • git clean -f
  • git config --global
  • git merge --no-ff
  • git email--amend
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  • git log --oneline
  • git reset --hard
  • git log --author=""
  • git rebase
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  • git commit
  • git clean -f
  • git clean
  • git reset
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  • git reset
  • git log ..
  • git init
  • git init --bare
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  • git config --list
  • git help
  • git fetch
  • git log -n
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  • git diff ...
  • git merge
  • git blame -L ,
  • git push --tags
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  • git remote rm
  • git branch -m
  • git branch -D (CAPS)
  • git rebase
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  • git branch
  • git remote -v
  • git log -p
  • git log
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  • Git Bash
  • GitHub
  • Git Boot
  • Git Lab
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  • Makes a local copy of the repository
  • Creates a working directory
  • Commits a new branch
  • Both 1 & 2
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  • Branch pointer
  • Body element
  • Commit object
  • Head pointer
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  • speed
  • data integrity
  • support for distributed non-linear workflows
  • All of the above
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  • git checkout [branch name]
  • git show [commit]
  • git tag [commitID]
  • git rm [file]
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