AngularJS MCQ Quiz

  1. Angular Js is based on
  2. AngularJS expressions are written using
  3. What is correct way to apply multiple filters in AngularJs.
  4. Which directive initializes an AngularJS application?
  5. Which of following is not valid AngularJs Filter
  6. What are Angular Controllers are responsible for
  7. Which Angular directive is used to binds the value of HTML controls (input, select, textarea) to application data?
  8. Which one of following is correct syntax for creating a module in AngularJs?
  9. How do you share data between controller and view?
  10. What is $routeProvider ?
  11. Who is known as father of Angularjs?
  12. Angular 1.x is written in
  13. Is AngularJs supports two way binding?
  14. Which Angular Directive is used to disable an Element?
AngularJs MCQ

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AngularJS is an open-source front-end web framework based on JavaScript. It was created in 2009 by Misko Hevery and Adam AbronsIt and is essentially kept up by Google. It Provides developers a choice to compose customer-side applications utilizing JavaScript in a clean MVC way. It is completely free and licensed under the Apache license version 2.0.

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  • MVC Architecture
  • Decorator pattern
  • MVVM Architectural pattern
  • Observer Pattern
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  • (expression)
  • {{expression}}
  • {{{expression}}}
  • [expression]
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  • {{ expression | filter1 | filter2 | ... }}
  • {{ expression | {filter1} | {filter2} | ... }}
  • {{ expression - {filter1} - {filter2} - ... }}
  • {{ {filter1} | {filter2} | ...-expression}}
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  • lowercase
  • orderby
  • email
  • currency
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  • Controlling the data.
  • Displaying the data.
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  • var myModule= angular.module();
  • var myModule= new Module();
  • angular.module("app", []);
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  • using Model
  • using services
  • using factory
  • using $scope
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  • A service
  • A module
  • A component
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  • Brad Green
  • Misko Hevery
  • Adam Abrons
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  • Java
  • Javascript
  • TypeScript
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  • A service
  • A module
  • A component
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  • Module
  • Controller
  • Service
  • View
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  • Tag
  • Attribute
  • Class name
  • All of the above
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  • ng-include
  • ng-form
  • ng-directive
  • ng-bind
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  • HTML and PHP
  • HTML and JavaScript
  • HTML and CrossScript
  • HTML and AngularScript
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  • Deep linking is a SEO based technique.
  • Deep linking refers to linking various views to a central page.
  • Deep linking allows you to encode the state of application in the URL so that it can be bookmarked.
  • All of the Above
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  • Value
  • Factory
  • Constant
  • Application Module
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