MS DOS MCQ with Answer

  1. What is the full form of DOS?
  2. Which DOS command will format a floppy disk and transfer the system files?
  3. MS Dos developed in which year?
  4. DEL command is used to ............
  5. Which command is used to get the current date only?
  6. External command in DOS are ..........
  7. SYS command is used to ................
  8. Disk copy command in DOS is used to ...............
  9. To copy the hidden system files of DOS to another disk, you can use the command ..............
  10. Which command is used to copy files?
  11. Internal command in Dos are .............
  12. Which command is used to clear the screen?
  13. Copy and Xcopy are same in the sense ..............
  14. Which command is used to backup in DOS 6+ Version?

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  • Disk Operating System
  • Data Operating System
  • Disk Operating Store
  • None of the above
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  • Delete files
  • Delete labels
  • Delete directory
  • None of above
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  • Sys, ver, vol
  • Edit, sys, chkdsk
  • Chkdsk, prompt, date
  • None of above
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  • Update the DOS system files
  • Copy DOS system files to new disk
  • Copy DOS configuration files to a new disk
  • None of above
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  • Copy a file
  • Copy contents of CD-ROM to another
  • Copy contents of one floppy disk to another
  • None of above
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  • Cls, rd label
  • Dir, ren, sys
  • Time, type, dir
  • Del, disk copy, label
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  • Both are internal command of DOS
  • Both are external commands of DOS
  • Both can be used to copy file or group of files
  • None of above
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  • None of above
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  • Auto.bat
  • Auto-batch
  • Autoexec.bat
  • Autoexecutive.bat
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  • Analyze the hard disk error
  • Diagnose the hard disk error
  • Report the status of files on disk
  • All of the Above
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  • 26 characters
  • 87 characters
  • 127 characters
  • 145 characters
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  • see the value of list
  • see the disk volume label
  • see the volume of largest
  • see the veriety of language
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  • Restore files from recycle bin
  • Restore files which are deleted
  • Restore files which are deleted recently
  • Restore files from disks made using the BACKUP command
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  • Prepare a blank disk
  • Create a new blank disk from a used one
  • Both A & B Option
  • None of above
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  • File Access Tape
  • File Activity Table
  • File Allocation Table
  • File Accomodation Table
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  • Display a list of files in a directory
  • Display contents of files in directory
  • Display type of files in a sub directory
  • None of above
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