MS Excel MCQ Online Test

  1. On An Excel Sheet The Active Cell In Indicated By ?
  2. Which Of The Following Keyboard Shortcut Can Be Used For Creating A Chart From The Selected Cells ?
  3. Which Key Is Used For Help In Ms Excel?
  4. You Can Convert Existing Excel Worksheet Data And Charts To HTML Document By Using The ?
  5. To Create An Interactive Pivot Table For The Web, You Use A Microsoft Office Web Component Called ?
  6. Which Key Is Used To "Goto" Tab In Ms Excel?
  7. Which Of The Following Is Not A Valid Zoom Percentage In Excel ?
  8. How Can We Set Page Border In Excel ?
  9. Which Of These Keys Are Used In Ms Excel To Insert Current Time In Workbook?
  10. Which Function Calculates Your Monthly Mortage Payment ?
  11. Which Types Of Charts Can Excel Produce ?
  12. 3-D Reference In A Formula ?
  13. Which Of These Keys Are Used In Ms Excel To Copy Value From Above Cell?
  14. To Minimize Workbook In Ms Excel:
MS Excel MCQ

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Practice best MS Excel MCQ test that checks your basic knowledge of MS Excel. This MS Excel MCQ Test contains around 20+ Excel Multple Choice Questions. You have to select the right answer to a question. apart from this, you can also download MS Excel MCQ PDF, completly free.

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  • A Dotted Border
  • A Dark Wide Border
  • A Blinking Border
  • By Italic Text
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  • Intranet Wizard
  • Import Wizard
  • Export Wizard
  • Internet Assistant Wizard
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  • HTML
  • Pivot Table Report
  • Pivot Table List
  • Pivot Table Field List
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  • From Edit Menu
  • From Home
  • You Can Not Set Page Border In Excel
  • From Tools Menu
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  • Line Graphs And Pie Charts Only
  • Bar Charts, Line Graphs And Pie Charts
  • Bar Charts And Line Graphs Only
  • Only Line Graphs
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  • Can Not Be Modified
  • Spans Worksheets
  • Limits The Formatting Options
  • Only Appears On Summary Worksheets
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  • Ctrl+ F8
  • Ctrl+ F7
  • Ctrl+ F9
  • Ctrl+ F6
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  • Formatting Toolbar
  • Format Cells Dialog Box Alignment Tab
  • Both Of Above
  • None Of Above
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  • Ctrl + Esc
  • Alt + Esc
  • Shift + Esc
  • Esc
  • Finds Related Records
  • Looks Up Text That Contain "v"
  • Check If Two Cells Are Identical
  • None Of Above
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  • Text
  • Pictures
  • Drawing Objects
  • All Of Above
  • NUM
  • SUM
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  • SUM
  • AVG
  • MAX
  • MIN
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  • Graphs
  • Charts
  • Tables
  • All of the above
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  • Sheet
  • Workbook
  • Worksheet
  • Spreadsheet
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