LibreOffice Impress MCQ Questions

  1. The maximum number of slide can be printed on A4 Size page in LibreOffice Impress is ...............
  2. Which Menu of LibreOffice Impress found slide transition command available?
  3. In LibreOffice Impress in order to see all the slides on one screen use ..............
  4. Which menu command is used to create a text box on a slide?
  5. ............ Shortcut key is used for slide show from current slide.
  6. We use ............... in our slides to hold text, clip art and charts.
  7. In which menu master slide function available?
  8. The default name of the Impress presentation is ................
  9. What is the maximum zoom percentage in LibreOffice Impress?
  10. We can create a new presentation by using all of the following except.
  11. Function key F7 is not used for spellcheck.
  12. Can we set custom slide show in LibreOffice Impress?
  13. Shortcut key Ctrl+Shift+S is used to save the impress presentation on another location or make a copy.
  14. Arrow left is used to move cursor to left.
LibreOffice Impress MCQ

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  • 1
  • 4
  • 5
  • 9
  • View, Slide
  • View, Master
  • View, Slide sorter
  • View, Slide show
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  • Tool/Text box
  • View/Text box
  • Insert/Text box
  • Format/Text box
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  • Calc
  • Slide 1
  • Writer
  • Untitled 1 LibreOffice Impress
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  • Ctrl+Page Up
  • Ctrl+Page Dowm
  • Ctrl+Page Left
  • Ctrl+Page Right
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  • Shift+Arrow Left
  • Shift+Arrow Right
  • Shift+Arrow Up
  • Shift+Arrow Down
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