Node js MCQ

Node js MCQ

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  • 17th Mar, 2023

Node.js is a server-side platform. it is made on the JavaScript engine which is the "V8 engine" of Google Chrome. It is an open-source and cross-platform JavaScript run-time environment with the help of which we can execute JS code in any of our browsers. Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model which makes it lightweight and efficient.

Finally, Take the Node Js MCQ Test which is very important for the preparation of Node Js Interviews/Exams.

Node JS MCQ Online Test

1) Node.js is ___________ Language.

  • A. Server Side
  • B.Client Side
  • C.Both

2) Node.js is written in _____________ .

  • A. Javascript
  • B.C
  • C.C++
  • D.All of the Above

3) Is node js multithreaded?

  • A. Yes
  • B.No

4) Which extension is used to save NodeJs files?

  • A. .js
  • B..node
  • C..java
  • D..txt

5) In Node process is ______

  • A. Global Object
  • B.Local Object
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6) Node Js is _________

  • A. Asynchronous
  • B.Synchronous

7) Which function is used to include modules in Node Js.

  • A. include();
  • B.require();
  • C.attach();

8) Which of following is not builtin node module.

  • A. zlib
  • B.https
  • C.dgram
  • D.fsread

9) How Node.js modules are availble externally

  • A. module.exports
  • B.module.spread
  • C.module.expose
  • D.None of Above

10) What does the fs module stand for?

  • A. File Service
  • B.File System
  • C.File Store

11) What is the default scope in Node.js application.

  • A. Local
  • B.Public
  • C.Private
  • D.Global

12) Which of the following are not Node.js web application frameworks for?

  • A. Express.js
  • B.Geddy
  • C.Aurelia
  • D.Locomotive

13) Which of the following template engines can be used with Node.js?

  • A. Jade
  • B.Vash
  • C.Handlebars
  • D.All of the above

14) Which method returns the current working directory of the process.

  • A. process.cwd();
  • B.cwd();
  • C.pwd();

15) In which of the following areas, Node.js is perfect to use?

  • A. I/O bound Applications
  • B.Data Streaming Applications
  • C.Data Intensive Realtime Applications DIRT
  • D.All of the above.

16) REPL stands for.

  • A. Read Eval Print Loop
  • B.Research Eval Program Learn
  • C.Read Earn Point Learn
  • D.Read Eval Point Loop

17) Command to start Node REPL

  • A. $ node start
  • B.$ node
  • C.$ node repl
  • D.$ node console

18) For What npm stands?

  • A. Node Project Manager
  • B.Node Package Manager
  • C.New Project Manager
  • D.New Package Manager

19) Command to show installed version of Node?

  • A. $ npm --version
  • B.$ node --version
  • C.$ npm getVersion
  • D.$ node getVersion

20) Command to list all modules that are install globally?

  • A. $ npm ls -g
  • B.$ npm ls
  • C.$ node ls -g
  • D.$ node ls

21) What is Callback?

  • A. Callback is an asynchronous equivalent for a function.
  • B.Callback is a technique in which a method call back the caller method.
  • C.Both of the above.
  • D.None of the above.

22) A stream fires finish event when all data has been flushed to underlying system.?

  • A. True
  • B.False

23) Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model ?

  • A. True
  • B.False

24) Which of the following module is required for path specific operations ?

  • A. Os module
  • B.Path module
  • C.Fs module
  • D.All of the above.

25) Which of the following are Node.js streams types?

  • A. Writable
  • B.Duplex
  • C.Readable
  • D.All of the above

26) How do you install Nodemon using Node.js?

  • A. npm install -g nodemon
  • B.node install -g nodemon

27) How do you kill a process in Node.js?

  • A. Ctrl + C
  • B.Ctrl + B
  • C.Ctrl + K

28) Node uses _________ engine in core.*

  • A. Chorme V8
  • B.Microsoft Chakra
  • C.SpiderMonkey
  • D.Node En

29) Something that happened in our application that we can respond too.

  • A. events
  • B.actions
  • C.procedures
  • D.callback

30) Which statement executes the code of sample.js file?

  • A. sample.js
  • B.node sample.js
  • C.nodejs sample.js
  • D.None of above

31) Which of the following is not a benefit of using modules?

  • A. Provides a means of dividing up tasks
  • B.Provides a means of reuse of program code
  • C.Provides a means of reducing the size of the program
  • D.Provides a means of testing individual parts of the program

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