Unix MCQ Quiz

  1. Which Option Is used With Tail Command For Extracting Bytes instead Of Lines?
  2. To Extract Specific Columns From A File, ____ Command Is Used.
  3. Which Command Is Used To Sort The Lines Of Data In A File In Reverse Order
  4. What Is The Default Delimiter Used By The Cut Command For Cutting Fields?
  5. In Vi Editor, Forward Search Is Performed Using The Command.
  6. Which Option Will Be Used With Ps Command To Slow The Entire Command Line Of The Process Being Run?
  7. The Agency That Sits Between The User And The UNIX System Is Called The
  8. Which Command Is Used To Display A File Contents In Octal Form?
  9. Which Of The Following Keys Is Used To Move The Cursor To The End Of The Paragraph.
  10. The CP Command Uses
  11. Which Shell Offers A Command History Feature
  12. Unix Is Written In
  13. Unix Is A
  14. The Command Echo Welcome > /dev / Tty
Unix MCQ

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Below are few Unix MCQ test that checks your basic knowledge of AngularJS. This Unix Test contains around 20 questions of multiple choice with 4 options. You have to select the right answer to a question. You can see the correct answer by clicking view answer link.

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  • #name?
  • name?
  • -c
  • bytes?
  • Standard Input File
  • Standard Output File
  • Both Input And Output File
  • Neither Standard Input Nor Standard Output File
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  • C Shell
  • Visual Shell
  • Korn Shell
  • Bourne Shell
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  • Ada Language
  • C Language
  • Perl Language
  • Pascal Language
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  • Single User, Single Tasking OS
  • Single User, Multi-tasking OS
  • Multi-User, Multi- Tasking OS
  • None
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  • Echoes Welcome In All The Terminals That Are Switched On.
  • Echoes Welcome In All The Terminals That Are Logged On.
  • Echoes Welcome Only In The Terminal In Which It Is Run.
  • Both (a) And (c)
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  • Malloc Is Used For Dynamic Allocation Of Memory, While Cal:c Can't Be Used For That Purpose
  • Malloc Needs Only One Argument. While Cal Loc Needs Two.
  • Unlike Malloc, Calloc Allocates Memory And Initializes It To 0.
  • Both (b) And (c)
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  • Shell Scripts Can Accept Arguments
  • Shell Scripts Are Interpreted
  • Shell Is A Programming Language
  • Shell Scripts Are Compiled
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