If you are preparing for a JavaScript interview, Must go through these questions series.Here you will find latest interview Questions and answers on JavaScript Frameworks and tools.

JavaScript Frameworks Interview Questions.

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages which is used commonly nowadays for building and designing web-based programs and applications. It is a kind of must-know language the software engineers and programmers should learn in order to excel in the field of programming.

It is an easy and user-friendly programming language which can be learned quickly and gives the advantages of building efficient and simpler codes as compared to other complex programming languages.

If you are into the application of program building for the web-based systems, you must be familiar with all the components associated with JavaScript. But if you don’t, you need not worry.

We are providing you with the basic knowledge of all the aspects related to JavaScript in the following discussion:

JavaScript Frameworks Interview Questions

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JavaScript Tricky Interview Questions

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JavaScript Interview Questions

JavaScript, also better known as JS, is a unique code-based programming language upon which the HTML and Web-based programs are made. It is a quite high-level programming language that has to be interpreted in order to understand the basic commands of the program which is made based upon this language.

JavaScript Closure Interview Questions

The JavaScript closures are features that are used for closing the outer functions that are used to create codes in the programming language of basic Java.

This type of feature is not needed while working on the inner functions. So, it can be rightly said that it is a position-oriented feature that is sometimes used within the codes.

Node JS Interview Questions

Node.js is a kind of open-source platform which is used for executing JavaScript by using the various codes prepared using the Java programming language outsides any of the browsers used. It provides a kind of cross-section between the various source codes and helps in the run time built up of the platform. It is initially released on 27 May 2009 & developed by OpenJs Foundation.


AngularJS is a JS-based web framework maintained by Google that promotes to interpret the development of applications by providing a framework for client-side model–view–controller (MVC) and model–view–view model (MVVM) architectures, along with segments used in rich internet applications.

AngularJS is an open-source front-end part of the MEAN stack, consists of MongoDB, Express.js web application server framework, Angular.js, and Node.js server runtime environment. Version 1.7.x is on long term support until July 1st, 2021 and after that date, it will no longer be updated and Angular is suggested instead.

Redux Interview Questions

Redux is a JS library for managing application status and is operated with libraries such as React for UIs. Moreover, Redux is a library with an uncomplicated, limited API intended to be a predictable container for application state. It operates similarly to a reducing function, a functional coding concept and is inspired by the functional coding language Elm.

Ajax Interview Questions

Ajax is a short form for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. As suggested by its name, it combines the features offered by both these programming languages to provide a new and unique technology which faster and more efficient than both of these.

It uses the good feature of both these languages to create good content and presentation.

Aurelia Interview Questions

Aurelia is one of the novel program features of JavaScript which has a highly client-based focus and creates a common framework for mobile, internet and desktop where you can collectively work on these platforms to create simple and clean codes which are easy to understand and interpret. It is a very creative platform.

Backbone js Interview Questions

Backbone.js is an advanced structural basic framework which provides a platform for the designing of models to be used in the coding of internet programs. It offers various novel features like the key-value binding and model view presentation along with certain custom events that help in creating lightweight yet efficient codes.

D3.js interview questions

D3.js is a library associated with JavaScript programming language which contains various tools that can be used primarily for the visualization of the data made by basic programs such as HTML, CSS, and SVG.

This library helps in creating dynamic data for your web programs by implementing basic programming.

Ecmascript 2017 Interview Questions

ECMAScript 2017 is one of the advanced versions of JavaScript which provides a set of various advanced features than its basic version.

These additional advanced features include the synchronization functions, memory sharing and atomics, object-based values and entries, string padding and trailing comma function.

Emberjs Interview Questions

Ember.js is one of the open source frameworks for the JavaScript framework based on the focus of creating user-oriented web programs.

It makes use of the new technology of the model view ViewModel (MVV) pattern which helps in the incorporation of the commonly used practices into the program codes.

Ext js Interview Questions

Ext JS is a kind of JavaScript framework that is used for building up a cross-sectional interactive program with the help of various customizable high performing tools such as grids, forums, lists, trees, and menus in the basic HTML, thereby making it more interactive and user friendly to be used on any platform like mobiles, tablets, laptops or desktops.

Grunt js Interview Questions

Grunt JS is a task runner program in JavaScript which is based on automation activation of certain types of programs which are used for compilation, stratification of data into smaller segments, unit testing and then their linting.

It is based on a command which has a set default of programs installed into it which would run automatically upon initiation.

Gulp Js interview questions

Gulp JS is another type of open source task runner in the JavaScript programming language which.

With the help of this tool, you can actually perform many tasks automatically within your workflow plan such as compilation of various files from SASS, compressing of various other JavaScript files and many more functions like these.

Handlebars js Interview Questions

Handlebars.js is one of its kinds of a templating engine provided to assist in JavaScript. Although it is basically a template that originated from the Mustache template language, it aids in JavaScript for writing very clear and clean codes, which are free from any kind of HTML coding language in it.

jQuery Interview Questions

JQuery is a library function in the JavaScript which is used for simplifying the codes that are made of up HTML based DOM components and trees.

It helps in the understanding of the various transverses and manipulations carried out during the compilation and code handling from various sources such as Ajax and CSS.

JSON Interview Questions

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation which is employed in this language programming for making the data robust but yet lightweight for its easy storage and transportation.

This tool mainly finds its use when the data has to be transported from one server to another or from a server to a web page. It is very easy to use and execute.

Knockout js Interview Questions

Knockout.js is another template function on the JavaScript framework which is based on the implementation of the new technique of model view ViewModel (MVV) framework.

This tool helps in dividing the data into separate parts based on its components that it is made up of. It also aids in managing these different components based on their type.

Koa Js Interview questions

Koa JavaScript is an advanced type of framework for accomplishing the same functions as that of Node JS. It makes codes based on Node but makes them quite lightweight and much cleaner.

It also offers various other features such as error handling, router modulation, generation of codes and cascading of the middleware.

Less.js Interview Questions

Less.js is a type of programming language tool whose primary function is to preprocess the dynamic style sheet of the data and then compile it into the cascading type of style sheets and make them run on the client-server for a better understanding of the codes of the JavaScript language using SASS and SCSS syntaxes.

DOJO Interview Questions

DOJO is a modular JavaScript library that is used for the development of cross-platform, JavaScript/Ajax-based applications. Developed by the DOJO foundation, this open-source library was first released in March 2005. The DOJO framework is licensed under the modified BSD license.

Marionette js Interview Questions

Marionette.js is a type of backbone framework for the JavaScript library whose primary aim is to modify and make the buildup of the large JavaScript-based applications simpler, easy to understand, and user-friendly.

It comprises certain tools such as designs and patterns with the help of which this objective can be implemented.

Phantomjs Interview Questions

PhantomJS is a scriptable tool that is so-called "headless" which means that it does not use any type of graphical user interface. It is basically used for automating the interaction between the web program and the user. Continuous integration of data amongst various web pages is also possible with the help of this tool.

PolymerJs Interview Questions

PolymerJS is another type of JavaScript library that is very robust in nature. It does all the templating work for JavaScript with codes from a variety of sources like HTML. It is quite an efficient and implementable tool that helps in applying the various principles of modernized designs in the programming codes.

React Js Interview Questions

React JS is a user interface building library for JavaScript. With the help of this tool, the users can even define and build complex user interfaces quite efficiently from small chunks of isolated data.

You can build various components of user interfaces such as input controls, navigational components as well as informational components.

React Native Interview Questions

The native version of the react tool is a framework based on JavaScript which lets the users build real and native-based programs for the construction of web-based applications.

This tool comes with a variety of inbuilt components and application programming interface which lets you build your own native apps using the react framework.

Riot js interview questions

Riot.js is another tool which utilizes a JavaScript framework and lets you build various user interfaces with the option of customizable tags.

The user interfaces built using this tool are quite simple and easy to understand and are in a manner similar to the ones built by react tool but offers as higher programming speed for building and using those user interfaces.

Sails.js Interview Questions

Sails.js is a framework based on JavaScript which utilizes the concepts of the model view controller (MVC) pattern of designing web-based applications.

It is a free and open source framework built to over cede the results of Node framework. The programs build using this tool are easier to understand and are customizable.

Typescript Interview Questions

Typescript is a programming language product from the Microsoft, built as a subset to JavaScript. This language also provides certain options to shift the code typing options to JavaScript.

This tool basically allows the user to build large and heavy applications and object-oriented programs both on client-server as well as user server.

TYPO3 Interview Questions

TYPO3 is a type of management system for the various types of content on the internet. It is an open source free system written in precursor hypertext.

With the help of this tool, you can manage the inflow, outflow, and exchange of any kind of information or service within users, or extensions and the type of content flow.

Underscore.js Interview Questions

Underscore.js is another type of library based on the framework of JavaScript which lets its users build up their web programs in a lot more customizable manners using tools such as mapping, filtering, invoking and many others.

With the help of this library, the users can also have access to the common utility functions that are needed during programming and designing of the web application.

Vue.js Interview Questions

Vue.js is a type of open source framework based on JavaScript which is used for building various types of user interfaces as well as one-page based web applications.

It provides more advanced features than the other normal user interface building frameworks and is easy to adopt due to which this framework has become increasingly popular amongst the users.

ES6 Interview Questions

ES6 is the short-abbreviated version for ECMAScript 6 which was a later version of ECMAScript used in JavaScript language for writing cleaner and crisp codes which are more concise in appearance yet give the full-featured program designed by any specific or particular use on the web.

JavaScript is high-level, interpreted, dynamic, weakly typed, prototype-based and multi-paradigm programming language. It is easy to learn and widely for creating an interactive web application and mobile apps. It can be used for creating both client and server-side applications.