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Html interview questions

Top 30 Html interview questions and answers

1. What is HTML and what is it used for?

HTML is a widely used language that gives our webpage a structure. HTML stands for HYPER TEXT MARKUP LANGUAGE. HTML was created by Berners lee in 1991. A markup language is a set of markups tags.Every webpage is created in HTML. HTML documents are described in HTML tags.

2. What does HTML stands for?

3. In which year HTML was first proposed ?

4. Who is the author of HTML?

5. What is the meaning of markup in HTML?

6. What is a physical tag and logical tag in HTML?

A Physical tag has physical text which are used to tell the browser how to display the text enclosed in the physical tag.

Example for the physical tags are: <big>, <b>, <i>

Logical tags are used to tell the meaning of the enclosed text in it. The example of the logical tag is <Important>….</Important> tag. When we enclose text in Important tag then it tell the browser that enclosed text is more important than other text.

7. What is a nest in HTML?

8. What is the xhtml?

9. What isCell Spacing and Cell Padding?

Cell Spacing is referred to the space/gap between the two cells of the same table.

Cell Padding is referred to the gap/space between the content of the cell and cell wall or Cell border.


<table border cellspacing=3>
<table border cellpadding=3>
<table border cellspacing=3 cellpadding=3>

10. What is the HTML tags?

11. What is an element in HTML?

12. How many types of lists are available in HTML?

In HTML, we have two types of lists unordered lists and ordered lists. Unordered list starts with <ul> tag and ends with </ul> tag. Ordered tag starts with <ol> and ends with </ol>. Each list item is written as <li></li>

13. How to create mailto link in HTML

14. What does DOCTYPE mean?

15. List the extensions supported by HTML ?

16. What are different typesof heading are supported by HTML?

17. What is “Semantic HTML?”

18. Who is Known as the father of World Wide Web (WWW)

19. What is the difference between a tag and an element in HTML?

20. What is grouping in HTML?

21. What is a Fieldset?

22. What is the difference between DIV and SPAN in HTML?

23. What is the use of SPAN tag in HTML?

24. What is the use of div tag in HTML?

25. What is a block element?

26. What is an empty tag?

27. What is an inline text?

28. What is the use of ID Attribute in HTML?

29. How can you make a bulleted list in HTML?

30. What is the head tag used for?

31. What is the HTML document?

32. What is the basic structure of an HTML document?

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