PostgreSQL MCQ

PostgreSQL MCQ

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  • 16th Jun, 2022

Take PostgreSQL MCQ Test & Online Quiz to Test Your Knowledge

We have listed below the best PostgreSQL MCQ Questions, that checks your basic knowledge of PostgreSQL. This PostgreSQL MCQ Test contains 20 Multiple Choice Questions. You have to select the right answer to check your final preparation for the PostgreSQL Exam/Interviews. apart from this, you can also download the PostgreSQL MCQ PDF, completely free from the link given below.

PostgreSQL MCQ Questions

1) Which Of The Following Is True About Modifying Rows In A Table?

  • A. You can update some rows in a table based on values from another table.
  • B.If you try to update a record related to an integrity constraint, it raises an error.
  • C.You can modify multiple columns.
  • D.All of the above.

2) Command Yang Digunakan Untuk Melakukan Backup Cluster Database Adalah?

  • A. pg_dumpall
  • B.pg_basebackup

3) Injecting A Malicious Script Into A Website Which Will Later Be Executed In A Victim’s Web Browser Is Called What?

  • A. Cross site scripting
  • B.Malware injection
  • C.Command Injection
  • D.Java scripting

4) The Command To Remove Rows From A Table 'CUSTOMER' Is


5) The WHERE Clause Is Useful When?

  • A. An exact match is necessary in a CREATE statement
  • B.An exact match is necessary in a SELECT statement
  • C.An exact match is not possible in a SELECT statement
  • D.An exact match is not possible in a CREATE statement
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6) We Add Data To PostgreSQL By Using Which Statement?

  • A. ADD

7) The SQL Condition For Pattern Matching Is?

  • A. IN
  • B.LIKE

8) Which Of The Following Tasks Can Be Performed With The Tool NTDS Audit?

  • A. Show the last login date/time of each administrative user
  • B.Show the last login date/time of each non-administrative user.
  • C.Identify the number of accounts with non-expiring passwords
  • D.Give information about domain controllers that have weak network encryption

9) The SQL ALTER Statement Can Be Used To?

  • A. change the table data
  • B.change the table structure
  • C.delete rows from the table
  • D.add rows to the table

10) How Many Tables May Be Included With A Join?

  • A. One
  • B.Two
  • C.Three
  • D.All of the Mentioned

11) Extension Yang Digunakan Untuk Melakukan Database Link Antar Database Product Adalah?

  • A. postgres_fdw
  • B.dblink
  • C.Foreign Data Wrapper
  • D.dbjump

12) A Named Collection Of Tables Is Called What In PostgreSQL?

  • A. Trigger
  • B.View
  • C.Schema
  • D.Diagram

13) Which Of The Following Statements Is True About Metasploit?

  • A. Metasploit has support for passive, as well as active, exploits
  • B.Broadly speaking, there are 6 types of network connections that Metasploit shells use
  • C.Metasploit auxiliary modules are specifically used to exploit alternative operating systems such as OpenVMS, Android, and OSX
  • D.Metasploit was invented by Horst Feistel, who was working for IBM at the time

14) Which of the following statement is true regarding PostgreSQL?

  • A. PostgreSQL is a powerful database system
  • B.PostgreSQL is open source database system
  • C.PostgreSQL is object-relational database system
  • D.All of the above

15) PostgreSQL is originally called ............

  • A. Ingres
  • B.Postgres
  • C.Pregres
  • D.None of the above

16) Which option is used to add data in PostgresSQL?

  • A. Add
  • B.Insert
  • C.Select
  • D.Update

17) A meta-command always begins with ............... symbol.

  • A. /
  • B.$
  • C.?
  • D.()

18) PostgreSQL was initially released on

  • A. 8 July 1996
  • B.8 June 1996
  • C.8 July 1995
  • D.8 July 1997

19) PostgreSQL is written in which programming language?

  • A. C
  • B.C++
  • C.Python
  • D.Java

20) PostgreSQL supports the which of the following data types?

  • A. Boolean
  • B.char, varchar, and text
  • C.integer and floating-point number
  • D.All of the above

21) PostgreSQL is the default database for macOS Server and is also available for ...................

  • A. Windows
  • B.Linux
  • C.FreeBSD & OpenBSD.
  • D.All of the above

22) PostgreSQL is used to what model of communication?

  • A. Network
  • B.Push Model
  • C.Peer-to-Peer
  • D.Client/Server

23) A named collection of tables is called ............ in PostgreSQL.

  • A. View
  • B.Trigger
  • C.Schema
  • D.Procedure

24) PostgreSQL offers data types to store IPv4, IPv6, and MAC addresses.

  • A. True
  • B.False

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