Installing Virtualbox on Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS

Learn how to install and configure Virtualbox on Ubuntu Server. After reading this article you are able to install and configure VirtualBox 5.2 on Ubuntu server.

Information Technology Industry News
A Google engineer took a 50% pay cut to leave his job and join a startup, and 3 years later, he isn't sorry

For Daren Makuck, leaving a high-paying job at Google to work at a fledgling startup was an easy choice. The hard part was deciding whether to stay. But an interaction he had with his new CEO not only convinced him to stay at the lower-paying job but taught him an important lesson about employee satisfaction, too.

Angularjs Tutorials
6 AngularJS Frameworks to learn

The AngularJS, one of the most prominent frameworks, has rightly been identified as the leading open-source JavaScript web application framework under the Google's maintenance. It assists the developers in enhancing the potentiality of MVC (Model View Controller) and also the web-based applications. The frameworks are said to really simplify the job of developing and testing the application.

MYSQL Tutorials
Tuning performance of MySQL Server Database

Correct database design might be the single most essential factor for the ensuring efficiency and maintainability with the database. Right here is what you have to answer when designing a desk: Can I decrease the size of knowledge that every row will have?

How to Make Your Website Outstand Among the Others

Technically, there are other ways for your clients to find out your business exists. You can start a blog on a ready-to-publish platform, run a social media account, etc

Low-Code platforms

Low-code development platforms are devices that enable experts with limited programming experience to build applications rapidly and effortlessly. As the title means, low-code platforms have little in the way for hand coding, yet achieve building applications through decisive and visual tools that describe what the application ought to do. These sorts of tools don't require writing code.

Cloud Computing: A Big Relief For Accountants

One of the major advantages of cloud computing is the number of costs it cuts for your business. There is no requirement for costly computer equipment and servers, which needs to be installed in the workplace. This cuts hardware, software, and energy costs and furthermore, more fundamentally, saves on space in an office.

Tips to Crack the Coding Interviews

In order to crack any interview, you need to take care of many points. Similar is the scenario for cracking a coding interview. The software engineers are quite afraid to face this interview, as they perceive it to be hard.

JavaScript Tutorials
A glance at Deep and shallow copy in JavaScript

In object-oriented programming when we create a copy of an existing object, we call it as Object copying. The most common ways to copy an object is by using either a copy constructor or cloning. In Javascript, we have two ways to copy the object:- one is a shallow copy and the other is a Deep copy.

Node Js Tutorials
Most Popular Node.js Frameworks

The Node.js is one the most powerful and popular server-side programming language. It is built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine which is a cross-platform runtime environment. Below is a random list of 8 best Node.js frameworks with their descriptions and characteristics that may help you out to button on the right Node.js frameworks for your application or the project.

RavenDB: Fully Transactional NoSQL Database

RavenDB was developed by Oren Eini who is an independent consultant. RavenDB is an open source document-oriented NoSQL designed exclusively for .NET or windows platform. What is NoSQL and how it works? A simpler approach was needed to organize a high volume of data in an efficient way. This gave birth to a NoSQL database which precisely fulfills that purpose.

Laravel Tutorials
Create a Contact Form in Laravel

In this tutorial, you will see how to create a contact us form that will not only save the visitors details in your MySQL database as well also send an email to website admin. After reading this tutorial you will able to create a contact us page in Laravel for your website that will save users info in data and send and send user information on admin.


Openxava: Java Rapid Development Web framework

OpenXava wrote in Java platform and came to stable existence since 27 April 2016. This is a web framework in which they use software framework in developing the web application like web services, web resources etc. The web framework is used for designing business application in a proficient and easy manner. There are four basic functions in a computer, and they are cut, read, update and delete. And OpenXava is such an efficient web framework which is super fast and ease for the development of these four main modules that is cut, read, update as well as delete. The platform is well known for the accounting applications and they are also the good base for generating an invoice and have the data of the management of warehousing in a crisp and elegant way.

Node Js Tutorials

All you need to know about Node JS ORM

To be simple, Node JS is the server side programming framework that allows the developers to build servers and other networks using javascript for the first time. This is also a runtime environment – an open cross-platform that easily allows the developers to test any software program, clearing any bugs and errors while it is still running. It gives a brief idea of how that particular software might work or behave once it is been executed. In simple words, Node JS helps to execute Javascript directly on the system without using any browser.

Angularjs Tutorials
Top 10 key features of Angular 5

Angular JS has been in the industry for quite a few years with micro updates. However, the release of Angular 5 came as a surprise to everyone who knows its

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