Handlebars js interview questions

  1. How to add comments in Handlebar.js ?
  2. Explain Handlebar.js ?
  3. Explain Bower ?
  4. What is current stable version of Handlebar.js ?
  5. How to install and configure Handlebar.js ?
  6. How HTML Escaping is done by Handlebar.js?
  7. What are Helpers in Handlebar.js? how can you register it?
  8. What is partial ? How to register a partial in Handlebar.js?
  9. List some built in Helpers in Handlebar.js ?
Handlebars js interview questions

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You can use {{!-- {{commented expressions}} --}} synatax for commenting an expressions in Handlebar.js.

Handlebar.js is a templating engine that is based on Mustache template language. You can install Handlebar.js by running npm install --save handlebars command.

Bower is a package manager for the web. It is used to install libraries, assets, and utilities.

You can install bower via npm by running npm install bower command.

4.0.12 is the current stable version of HandlebarsJS.