meteor js interview questions

    Meteor.js Interview Questions
    1. What is Meteor?
    2. What are the advantages of Meteor over other Javascript frameworks?
    3. Who is behind Meteor Js?
    4. What is Ejson in Meteor?
    5. Explain how Fibers make it easier to work with Meteor than MEAN?
    6. When should you use wrapAsync or bindEnvironment?
    7. What is the oplog used for? Which advantages does it bring?
    8. What is a reactive data source and how does it differ from a non-reactive data source?
    9. Tell me how to make any data source reactive (let’s talk about observe and observeChanges)
    10. How can you ensure that sensitive data is only sent out to authorized clients?
    11. What means to implement proper authorization (not authentication) would you use for a multi-customer application?
    12. What's your preferred routing package? Why do you prefer it?
    13. How many packages have you built? Can I see them?
    14. Where do you put API keys and credentials for OAuth providers? (Do they know settings.json or service-configuration)
    15. What Is Blaze In Meteor?
    16. What is tracker in Meteor?
    17. How sessions created and destroyed in Meteor?
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