Marionette js interview questions

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  • Q1.

    What is Marionette.js ?

  • Q2.

    List some features of Marionette.js ?

  • Q3.

    What is current statble version of Marionette.js ?

  • Q4.

    How to install and configure Marionette.js ?

  • Q5.

    How can you intialize Marionette.js ?

  • Q6.

    Explain how to trigger and listen Events in Marionette.js ?

  • Q7.

    How to configure Routes in Marionette.js ?

  • Q8.

    How to set a Renderer in Marionette.js?

  • Q9.

    What Marionette getTemplate function does ?

  • Q10.

    How to create a Model in Marionette?