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Emberjs Interview questions

Top 15 Ember.js interview questions and answers for starter’s.

1. What is Ember.js ?

2. Write steps to create an App in Ember.js ?

3. Explain directory Structure in Ember.js ?

4. Write command to start and stop development Server in Ember.js

5. Explain what is Ember-data ?

6. What is an Ember route ?How can you generate a route in Ember.js

7. What are Observers in Ember.js

8. What is Component Ember.js.How to Define a component in Ember.js

9. What are Enumerables in Ember.js

10. Explain Ember.js Component Lifecycle ?

11. What is a Model ? How to define a Model in Ember.js

12. What are Services in Ember.js

13. Which template library is used by Ember.js ?

14.Write steps to write a Handlebars Helper

15.How to disable Prototype Extensions in Ember.js ?