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20+ Typescript Interview Questions

Top Typescript Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers and Experienced

1. What is Typescript? How is it different from Javascript?

2. List some Features of TypeScript?

3. List some benefits of TypeScript?

4. Who developed Typescript? What is the current stable version of Typescript?

5. What is the minimal requirement to install Typescript?Please provide steps to install typescript?

6. List the Basic Components of TypeScript?

7. List Built-in types of Typescript?

8. What are variable in Typescript? How to create a variable in Typescript.

9. List user-defined types in Typescript?

10. Explain Interfaces in Typescript?

11. How to compile a typescript file?

12. Explain Classes in Typescript? List some features of Classes?

13. What are Closures in Javascript and why are they so useful?

14. List types of scopes available in Javascript?

15. What are Modules in Typescript?

16. What is namespace in Typescript? How to declare a namespace in Typescript?

17. Explain Decorators in Typescript? List type of Decorators available in Typescript?

18. What are Mixins? Why we use it?

19. What is default visibility for properties/methods in Typescript classes?


20. Is Native Javascript supports modules.?