Sails.js interview questions

  1. How to get installed version Sails.js?
  2. Explain Sails.js?
  3. List some features of Sails.js?
  4. How to create an application instance in Sails.js?
  5. Explain Sails app lifecycle?
  6. Explain Assets Sails.js?
  7. How to get application BaseUrl in Sails.js?
  8. What is name of default ORM in Sails.js ?
  9. List steps to configure a database in Sails.js?
  10. What is a hook? List types of hooks available in Sails.js?
  11. What is a service in Sails.js?
  12. How to create an Installable Hook in Sails.js
  13. What is Middleware in Sails.js?
  14. How to generate controllers in Sails.js?
Sails.js interview questions

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