Koa Js Interview questions

Koa Js Interview questions

Below are the list of koa.js interview questions and answers

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Koa Js Interview questions

1) List some key features of koa.js?

  • Lightweight and modular.
  • No callback hell.
  • Better error handling through try/catch.
  • Better user experience.
  • Proper stream handling.

2) Explain Koa Js?

Koa js modular lightweight web application framework for Node JS.

3) List few difference between Koa and Express.

Below is the list of few differences between Koa and Express.

  • Koa aims to "fix and replace node" whereas Express "augments node"
  • Koa uses promises and async functions to rid off callback hell whereas Express uses req and res.
  • Koe does not support features likes routing and templating whereas Express supports routing and templating.

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