Adobe Illustrator Interview Questions

Adobe Illustrator is a computer application software designed by Adobe Systems that can help in creating illustrations, drawings, designs, and layouts. Released in 1987, Adobe Illustrator has revolutionized graphics designing. When Adobe turned its attention to graphic designing, Engineer Mike Schuster was given the task of creating a drawing program which will be user-friendly and helpful in designing complex page layouts. Thus, in 1987 Adobe came with its first software application for the Apple Macintosh.

Features which makes it only one of its kind include easy to use, a pen tool for making sharp curves in designs, postscript language for complicated designs and supporting an increased number of drawing layers. It is also providing better job prospectus. Many people are looking for Adobe Illustrator interview questions. Adobe Illustrator continues to be one of the principal products of Adobe Systems as it has a variety of uses in designing, editing, and layouts. So, below are some important Adobe Illustrator interview questions for you.

#1 Why was Adobe Illustrator created?

Adobe Illustrator was created to revolutionize the field of graphics designing by making it easier for users to make complex layouts. And, thus, a very effective toolbar that is also one of the most essential features of Adobe Illustrator was created to help achieve the same.

#2 What is Adobe systems?

Adobe Systems is a computer software company based in California, United States. Founded in December 1982, by John Warnock and Charles Geschke. This company aims at creating creative and multimedia software products. It is well known for its Photoshop image editing software, Acrobat Reader, Portable Document Format ( PDF ) and Adobe Creative Suite.

#3 Which is better Photoshop or Illustrator?

Photoshop is a great app for modifying already created images while Illustrator is for creating designs and layouts. Illustrator has a lot of user-friendly tools which are very effective in giving a professional touch to the designs.

#4 What is Illustrator 88?

Illustrator 88 is the product name for version 1.7. It was released in 1988 and incorporates many new tools and features.

#5 What are the differences between Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator?

Photoshop is used for the modification of images and graphics.Illustrator is used for creating graphics, designs, and layouts.
Photoshop uses a pixel-based format.Illustrator uses mathematical constructs.
It can lose its quality very quickly.It is mostly high in quality.

#6 Is Adobe Illustrator useful?

Adobe Illustrator has uses in a variety of fields be it logo designing or making magazine covers and advertisements. Also, with its much applicable and user-friendly tools, it is one of the most useful application.

#7 Who created Adobe Illustrator?

When Adobe Systems turned its eyes towards graphic designing in 1986, Engineer Mike Schuster was assigned the responsibility of creating a user-friendly program which could help users make complex layouts.

#8 What are the basic tools of Adobe Illustrator?

Some basic tools of Adobe Illustrator are as follows:-

  • Selection Tools - These tools are used for the layout, adjustment, and organization of artwork by selecting and ordering objects as required.
  • Paintbrush Tools - These tools are used for enhancing the appearance of artwork through different types of brushes.
  • Pen tools - These tools are used for drawing sharp curves in design.
  • Pencil tools - These are the most basic tools used for drawing and editing.

#9 What is the price of Adobe Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator is made available at a cost of $ 19.99 per month with an annual commitment, or $ 29.99 on monthly basis. One gets illustrator as a part of Creative Cloud.

#10 Who can use Adobe Illustrator mainly?

Adobe Illustrator is a software used for designing and editing. Therefore, it can be used by anyone who needs to do these functions. It is also used for creating logos and covers for magazines and advertisements thus it has a large number of users.

#11 How to use Adobe Illustrator?

Steps to use Adobe Illustrator are as follows:-

  • A new user should start by trying to create posters with basic texts and color editing.
  • After that, one should try to create a brochure so that you get a more vivid understanding of length, width, height, and layout.
  • Now one is eligible enough to use the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator for drawing sharp curves. At this point, all your attention should be on drawing and sketching.
  • Once a person is skilled enough to use the pen tool effectively, he/she can try drawing something from first to last.
  • Next comes learning to use more tools for a good design. Shape tool helps to create accurate shapes such as a rectangle or square. Pathfinder tool helps in creating 3-D shapes.
  • After being skilled at drawing perfect designs in Illustrator comes the use of colors. There are various tools available for coloring variations too.

Following all the above-mentioned steps try creating a beautiful design from start to finish.

#12 What is Adobe Illustrator used for?

Adobe Illustrator is used for creating refined drawings, graphics, layouts, cartoons, and logos.

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#13 Can someone buy Adobe Illustrator for free?

No, Adobe Illustrator is a paid software. There is strictly no way of getting this software for free. Pirated or cracked versions are always harmful to computers and hence one can either go for trial version or buy it.

#14 What is graphic designing?

Graphic designing is a term used for the art of creatively combining pictures and texts for magazines and advertisements.

#15 Is Illustrator cost effective?

A huge number of designers and Illustrators use Adobe Illustrator to create designs and layouts that look professional. Iconic works can be created using Illustrator. The toolbar enables users to turn simple sketches and drawings into extraordinary logos and graphics. The wide variety of fonts makes it possible to clearly communicate a message or theme. The designs created through illustrator are very catchy and attractive. Thus it is very cost effective software.

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