Front end Developer Interview Questions

Front end Developer Interview Questions
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Below are the list of Best Front end Developer Interview Questions and Answers

NPM stands for Node Package Manager. It is used to install, uninstall, update packages for Javascript Programming Language. NPM also is a default package manager for Node.js.

REST stands for Representational State Transfer. It is an architectural style that defines a set of standards to create web services or API.

JSON-P (JSON with padding) is a technique of Javascript which allows you to return back to the JSON data from a remote server. When we create a script node dynamically with a cross-domain source then in case of returning Javascript function to a remote site there is a need for evaluation of that function. In the case of JSON, you can only get particular data from a remote server but in case you want to stick to the returned data then there is a need to use a Javascript function which is JSONP. It becomes easy to use JSONP with jQuery.

CSS sprites are a combination of multiple images into a single file that we use on our website. CSS sprites help us to load our page faster by reducing the number of file requests.