VB.Net Interview Questions

VB.net is the short name for Visual Basic .net. It is an object-oriented programming language. It is a version of Microsoft. It is a language that aids in app development. It is made to facilitate the increasing need for web services and development. It is an update in the classic visual basic language. There are a lot of merits of this programming language in itself. It is designed on the .net architecture. It can be used by the developers to build specific business applications, as it functions well in that field. Thus, many people are looking for a significant set of VB.Net interview questions and answers.

There are many tutorials available for people who want to learn this language, also it is highly in demand. It provides a very manageable code execution, saving time and creating ease for the developer. It saves the information that requires to be accessed in the future. Here are some set of VB.Net interview questions and answers to help you.

#1 Question

What do you understand by VB.net?

It is an object-oriented programming language. It is the updated version of the classic visual basics language. It is used to aid web development and services. It is a fairly simple and easy language to learn and deploy.

#2 Question

What are the different variables in VB.net?

The different types of variables are:

  • Shared variable
  • Static variable
  • Shadows variable

#3 Question

What are the shared variables?

The shared variable is the variable that is not confined to a particular class or structure. Instead, it is shared by all the classes or structures of the program. It is declared by the keyword shared.

#4 Question

What are the shadow variables?

Shadows show that in a base class, the variable is declared again and hides a similarly named element or a set of the same.

#5 Question

What is a static variable?

A static variable is a variable which even after the execution of the procedure in which it is mentioned, retains the value given to it.

#6 Question

How to create a constant in VB.net?

You have to type in, the keyword const to declare a constant. It can be created in a structure, block, class etc.

#7 Question

Why do we use ANSI keyword?

Visual basics should assemble all strings to American National Standard Institute values.

#8 Question

Why do we use Byref keyword in VB.NET?

Byref keyword is used to call a value by its reference.

#9 Question

What is meant by jagged arrays?

A jagged array is an array within an array.

#10 Question

What is stack used for in VB. Net?

It works by the principle last in first out. When you add an element in the stack it is done by the command push and when you delete an element from the stack it is done by the command pop.

#11 Question

How many ways the function can return values?

A function can return values in two ways

  • By using the return statement
  • By assigning a value to the function name

#12 Question

What is the difference between System.ApplicationException class and System.SystemException?

The application generated exceptions are supported.It is the base class for all system exceptions.

#13 Question

What is a stream in VB.NET?

The flowing of the series of bytes through the way of communication is called stream.

#14 Question

What are the different types of a stream?

There are two different types of streams

Input streamOutput stream
It performs the read operation in the file.It performs write operation in the file.

#15 Question

What are the parts of the visual basic control?

Three important elements are

  • Properties
  • Methods
  • Events

#16 Question

Name some different types of control?

Some different types of control are:

  • Form control
  • Textbox control
  • Button control
  • ListBox control
  • ComboBox control
  • RadioButton control
  • PictureBox control
  • ProgressBar control
  • ScrollBar control
  • DateTimePicker control
  • TreeView control
  • ListView control

#17 Question

Name some of the keywords used in VB.Net?

Some of the keywords are namely:

  • In keyword
  • Iterator keyword
  • Module keyword
  • MustInherit keyword
  • MustOverride keyword
  • Narrowing keyword
  • NotInheritable keyword
  • NotOverridable keyword
  • Optional keyword
  • Out keyword
  • Overloads keyword
  • Partial keyword
  • ParamArray keyword
  • Private keyword
  • Partial keyword
  • Public keyword

#18 Question

What is a preprocessor directive in VB.Net?

This gives directives to the compiler to process the information before the beginning of the compilation.

#19 Question

What is VB.Net used for?

VB.Net can be used for:

  • Redesigning
  • Gaming
  • Communication
  • Cross-platform
  • Mobile applications
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