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Amazon is a multinational company which deals with various types of e-services such as cloud-based computing, e-commerce, and artificial intelligence. This is a Seattle based company in the state of Washington in the United States of America.

It was found by Jeff Bezos in 1994 and since then has grown a lot in terms of size as well as service. Amazon has a huge customer and user group which it caters to. It has a lot of subsidiaries involved with it. It provides the best of class services to its customers and users which the help of various types of tools and services mentioned below:


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AWS S3 Interview Questions

AWS SSS or AWS S3 stands for Amazon Simple Storage Service. This service is offered by Amazon Web Services for providing storage of objects through the internet service interface.

It is one of the parts of the large portal of web-based e-commerce services provided by Amazon to its clients and users for storing any type of infrastructure.

Amazon Redshift Interview Questions

Amazon Redshift is a kind of web-based hosting service provided by Amazon to its users for the warehousing and storage of their data and is a part of the larger cloud-based system offered by Amazon Web Services.

With the help of this technology, parallel processing of the stored or warehoused data is possible amongst multiple users.

AWS Ec2 Interview Questions

Amazon ECC or Amazon EC2 stands for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud and is one of the other parts of the larger Amazon Cloud services for the computing-based platforms offered by it.

With the help of this service, Amazon users can avail the facility of virtual computer rentals as a framework on which they can easily run their own web programs or applications.

AWS ELB Interview Questions

AWS ELB stands for Elastic Load Balancing, as offered by the Amazon Web Services. It helps the users balance their load between the tons of online data traffic between the HTTP and HTTPS platforms.

It very well manages the incoming, processing and outgoing of the online virtual traffic of data on the cloud server of the Amazon services.

Aws Interview Questions

Amazon Web Services is one of the services offered by the giant Amazon group to its users for availing the facilities of cloud-based computing. These services can be availed by any individual, a group of individuals, companies or organizations, or even government agencies of any country. These services make use of information technology to provide various cloud-based services.

Amazon Interview Questions

Amazon is a large group of an IT companies that deals in e-commerce mainly. Apart from this, it has extended services in cloud-based computing and artificial intelligence too. It is one of the largest e-commerce platforms available online and is used by a wide number of users today. Day by day, they are even expanding more into the service-based sector providing more servicing options.

Amazon Support Engineer Interview Questions

Amazon Support Engineer is a technologically based support system offered by Amazon for its various services like operations support, information technology solutions, as well as engineering tech support.

Amazon hires skilled and trained professional engineers to aid in providing solutions and assistance in various technological supports during build up or during troubleshooting.

Amazon Cloud Engineer Interview Questions

Amazon provides highly skilled professional engineers at your service to assist you in handling the cloud-based services offered by the company.

This service lets you get any kind of help you need in the understanding and execution of the various cloud-based services of Amazon and gives customer service to all its users.

AWS Lambda Interview Questions

AWS lambda is a platform of Amazon Web Services which runs without any server and is hence very lightweight and provides event-driven services.

This technology runs on the event management process in which automatic codes are applied when you run a particular type of event-based program which is configured with that specific code.

Amazon DevOps Engineer Interview Questions

DevOps is a very flexible kind of service offered by the Amazon Web Services which is a mixture of various types of practices including cultural and philosophical.

This tool is basically used to aid the speedy delivery of various applications and services by any organization who uses Amazon’s web services.

DynamoDB Interview Questions

Dynamodb is a proprietary database which is runs on not only structures query language (NoSQL) framework. This tool helps in providing and managing specific structure to the data and provides value to the service.

It includes various advanced features such as adaptive capacity, point in time recovery and on-demand backups.

AWS VPC Interview Questions

VPC stands for virtual private cloud and is an online cloud-based service provided by the Amazon Web Services.

It works in isolation from all other virtual cloud-based platforms and is used to launch various Amazon-based services on a virtual platform for using various resources offered by the company services in a customizable environment.

Amazon RDS Interview Questions

Amazon RDS Interview Questions; Practice best Amazon RDS Interview Questions and Answers, which are very helpful & popular for Amazon RDS Interview. you can also download here Amazon RDS Interview Questions PDF, completly free.

Amazon is Seattle, Washington based is American electronic commerce and cloud computing multinational company. It was founded by Jeff Bezos on July 5, 1994. Read Best interview question of Amazon services and Jobs like EC2, AWS, AWS Lambda, Dynamodb, Amazon Cloud Engineer and many more.