AngularJS Interview Questions

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AngularJS Interview Questions

$Location is used when you don't want the full page to reload when the URL is changed and the window.location is used when you want to change the URL, reload the page or navigate to a different page.

In angular there is a scope variable called $parent (i.e. $scope.$parent). $parent is used to access parent scope from child controller in Angular JS.

<div ng-controller="ParentCtrl">
    <h1>{{ name }}</h1>
    <p>{{ address }}</p>
    <div ng-controller="ChildCtrl">
        <h1>{{ title }}</h1>
        <input type="text" ng-model="$parent.address" />

Below are some major difference between AngularJS and JavaScript Expressions

  • Both can contain literals, operators, and variables.
  • AngularJS expressions can be written in HTML but JavaScript expressions are not.
  • AngularJS expressions do not support conditionals, loops, and exceptions, while JavaScript expressions do.
  • AngularJS expressions support filters, while JavaScript expressions do not.

There are 30 inbuilt services in AngularJs. Below are few most used services in AngularJs.

  • $location
  • $scope
  • $http
  • $timeout
  • $interval
  • $window

The $routeProvider is used to configure roots within an AngularJS application. It can be used to link a URL with a corresponding HTML page or template, and a controller (if applicable).

A locale is a particular geographical region. The commonly used locale ID comprises of two parts, the language code, and the country code.

Angular Modules are place where we write code of our Angular application.Writing Modules makes our code more maintainable, testable, and readable. All dependencies for our app are defined in modules.

It is the most common type of dependency on AngularJS application. A service can be mocked in two ways by either getting an instance of actual service using an inject block or by implementing a mock service using $provide.

DDO Stands for Directive Definition Object. DDO is used while creating a custom directive in AngularJs.

Adding the regex directly to the ng pattern to the attribute can help you validate the URL in Angular JS.

A stateful component is a detail implementation of the component that can change over time and the stateful components can have stateless components inside them, while the stateless components are a plain JavaScript function.

In AngularJS $scope.$watch the function is used to create a watch of some variables and $scope.$apply function is used to execute some code and call the $digest function.

An interceptor is a middleware code in AngularJs where all the $http requests go through. It is attached with $httpProvider service and able to intercept request and response objects. Interceptor Middleware is useful for error handling, authentication and other filters you want to apply on request and response.

AngularJS digest cycle is the process behind Angular JS data binding.
In each digest cycle, Angular compares the old and the new version of the scope model values. The digest cycle is triggered automatically. We can also use $apply() if we want to trigger the digest cycle manually.

The track by is used with ng-repeat and describes to AngularJS how it tracks the association between the DOM and the Model. It improves the rendering performance.