Angular 6 Interview Questions

Angular 6 Interview questions

Angular6 is the latest major release of Angular js. Here we are going to cover interview questions and answers for Angular 6. That helps Angular 6 developers to crack Angular js Interviews.

  • Q1.

    List some new features comes with Angular6

    Latest Key features of Angular 6

    • Added support for creating Custom Elements based on Angular Components.
    • Animations: expose element and params within transition matchers.
    • Bazel: change ng_package rule to APF v6
    • singleline, multiline and jsdoc comments are now supported
    • compiler-cli : add resource inlining to ngc
    • support for TypeScript 2.7
    • Require node 8 as runtime engine
  • Q2.

    Explain Ivy Renderer in Angular?

  • Q3.

    What is Bazel and Closure Compiler in Angular6?

  • Q4.

    Explain Service Worker in reference to Angular JS

  • Q5.

    Write command to generate a component in specific module in Angular cli?

    You can generate a component in specific module in AngularJs by running below commnad on CLI.

    ng g component component_name --module=module_name
  • Q6.

    How to generate a module in Angular?

    In order to generate a module in Angular, cd to the current project directory and below command.

    ng g module module_name
  • Q7.

    Explain Zone in Angular?


  • Q8.

    How to update or upgrade angular cli version

    In order to upgrade angular-cli package that was installed globally in your system, you need to run following commands

    npm uninstall -g angular-cli
    npm cache clean or npm cache verify (if npm > 5)
    npm install -g @angular/cli@latest

    Instead of upgrading global version of angular-cli you can also upgrade the local version for specific project y running following commands:

    rm -rf node_modules
    npm uninstall --save-dev angular-cli
    npm install --save-dev @angular/cli@latest
    npm install
  • Q9.

    List some Inbuilt Pipes available in Angular

    Below are the list of few Pipes available in Angular Js

    • DatePipe
    • CurrencyPipe
    • AsyncPipe
    • DecimalPipe
    • TitleCasePipe
    • JsonPipe
    • SlicePipe
    • PercentPipe
    • UpperCasePipe
    • LowerCasePipe