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Angular 6 Interview Questions

Angular 6 Interview questions

Angular6 is going to be next major release of Angular js. Here we are going to cover interview questions and answers for Angular6.That helps Angular 6 developers to crack Angular js Interviews.

1. List some new features comes with Angular6

  • Added support for creating Custom Elements based on Angular Components.
  • Animations: expose element and params within transition matchers.
  • Bazel: change ng_package rule to APF v6
  • singleline, multiline and jsdoc comments are now supported
  • compiler-cli : add resource inlining to ngc
  • support for TypeScript 2.7
  • Require node 8 as runtime engine

2. Explain Ivy Renderer

3. What is Bazel and Closure Compiler in Angular6?

4. Explain Ivy Renderer

5. Explain Service Worker in reference to angular JS

6. Write command to generate a component in specific module in Angular cli?

You can generate a component in specific module in Angular Js by running below commnad on CLI.

ng g component component_name --module=module_name

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