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Angular 4 interview questions

Top Angular 4 interview questions

1. Explain Component Decorators in Angular 4?

2. Please provide CLI command to generate a Component in Angular 4?

3. How to create an Angular 4 Project?

4. Explain component directory structure of Angular 4?

5. What is an interpolation in Angular 4?

6. What are different ways to use a template in Angular 4?

7. Explain Ng-for directive with an example?

8. What is different between directive and component in Angular Js?

9. How to use the ternary operator in Angular Js?

8. Explain Ng-if directive with an example?

11. What is property binding or one way binding in Angular js?

12. Explain how to bind an event in Angular 4 with an example?

13. Explain services in Angular Js? How to generate and use a service in Angular?

14. How Angular 4 is different from Angular 2?

15. What is Isolated Unit Tests?

16. What is router? and why is it used?

17. Describe Component lifecycle hooks.

18. How to apply Custom validation to angular form?

19. What is difference between Structural and Attribute directives?

20. How to apply Custom validation to angular form?

21. How to include an external css in Angular 4?

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