Spring Boot Interview questions

Spring Boot Interview questions

Whether you are interviewing for the first job or for the job, which you going to switch, you can always feel that nervousness and tension. The developers are always thinking about codes and especially when there is an interview, they can feel they are going nuts over it. In the recent time, demand for spring boot developers has increased a lot as spring boot offers quick application advancement structure to spring system.

Prepare enough by having different ideas of spring boot including various features, venture, maven project, starter venture wizard, application, annotations, dm, properties, starters, and actuator. There are various spring boot jobs in the market, however, to be chosen in that specific post, you must clear the interview. In the current time, there is exceptionally outrageous competition in the market when it comes to interviewing and getting a break in MNC.

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We have provided you some of the questions, which are normally asked in Spring boot tough interview and which will give you a head start. You never know which of these questions you may get in your spring boot interview:

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Spring Boot Interview questions

Configuration file name which is utilized as a part of Spring boot ventures is known as application. Properties. It is vital to document as it is utilized to abrogate all default configurations.

Here are some of the various advantages of using Spring Boot:

  • It is quite easy to create Spring Based applications with Java or Groovy.
  • It lessens lots of improvement time and expands profitability.
  • It abstains from writing lots of standard Codes, Annotations, and XML Configuration.
  • It is quite easy to coordinate Spring Boot Application with its Spring Ecosystem like Spring JDBC, Spring ORM, Spring Data, Spring Security and so forth.
  • It takes after the "Opinionated Defaults Configuration" Approach to diminish Developer effort
  • It gives Embedded HTTP servers like Tomcat, Jetty and more to create and test our web applications effectively.
  • It gives CLI (Command Line Interface) tool to create and test Spring Boot (Java or Groovy) Applications from commanding prompt very easily and rapidly.
  • It gives lots of modules to create and test Spring Boot Applications effectively utilizing Build Tools like Maven and Gradle
  • It provides loads of plug-ins to work with implanted and in-memory Databases effortlessly.

Spring Security is a groundbreaking and very adjustable authentication and access-control structure. It is the true standard for securing Spring-based applications. Spring Security is a system that spotlights on giving both authentication and approval to Java applications. Like all spring ventures, the genuine power of Spring Security is found in how effectively it can be reached out to meet custom prerequisites.

Yes, we can control logging with spring boot.

Various Spring Boot Features are as follows:

  • Web Development
  • Spring Application
  • Application occasions and listeners
  • Admin highlights
  • Externalized Configuration
  • Properties Files
  • YAML Support
  • Type-safe Configuration
  • Logging
  • Security

Spring Boot is a system from "The Spring Team" to facilitate the bootstrapping and development of new Spring Applications. It gives defaults to code, and annotation configurations to snappy begin new spring projects at no time. It takes after the "Opinionated Defaults Configuration" Approach to escape from a lot of standard code and configuration to enhance Development, Unit Test, and Integration Test Process.

Spring Boot 1.5.10. RELEASE requires

  • Java 7 +
  • Spring 4.3.13 +

For build support

  • Maven 3.2+
  • Gradle 2.9+

Container Support

  • Tomcat 7+
  • Jetty 8+ (Jetty 9.3 requires JDK 8 +)

/src/main/resources/static is the suggested folder for static content in Spring boot.

You can create a JS file for sending an alert by creating a custom file named custom.js in /src/main/resources/static/js/ directory with below code

alert("I'm active");

Autoconfiguration is way in Spring Boot to configure a spring application automatically on the basis of dependencies that are present on the classpath. It makes development easier and faster.

You can create a custom configuration for a MySQL data source in spring boot as

public class MySQLAutoconfiguration {


Actuator is a tool in Spring Boot for monitoring and managing our application. Actuator Monitors our app, gathers metrics, understands traffic or the state of our database. It uses HTTP endpoints or JMX beans to enable us to interact with it. Actuator is available to use from the first release of Spring Boot.

Here is a youtube video by Java Brains to understand Spring Boot Actuator

Various spring sub-projects are as follows:

  • JDBC: this module empowers a JDBC-deliberation layer that evaluates the need to do JDBC coding for particular vendor databases
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  • Core: a key module that gives basic parts of the system, as IoC or DI
  • Web: a web-situated joining module, giving multipart document upload, listeners members, and web-arranged application context functionalities
  • ORM integration: gives mix layers to well-known protest object-relational mapping APIs, for example, JPA, JDO, and Hibernate
  • AOP module: perspective oriented programming execution is permitting the meaning of clean strategy interceptors and pointcuts.
  • MVC system: a web module executing the Model View Controller configuration design