Spring Batch Interview Questions

  1. What is spring batch?
  2. Explain Tasklet in spring batch?
  3. How to schedule a Job in Spring Batch?
  4. Explain the major differences between spring mvc and spring batch?
  5. Enlist some alternative of spring batch?
  6. Using Java Spring Batch how can you send XMLmessages to IBM MQ?
  7. Enlist the components of Spring Batch?
  8. What is JobRepository in Spring Batch?
  9. What is role of Launcher class in Spring Batch?
  10. List some advantages of Spring Batch?
Spring Batch Interview Questions

Spring Batch is a framework which is designed to enable the users in developing a robust and useful application. With the help of Spring Batch, users can have easy access to all the services provided by Java. This tool has been developed on a “Plain Old Java Object” based programming system which is free from any kind of interface handling.

Quick Questions About Spring Batch
is written InJava
Spring Batch is aJava framework for batch job processing.
Spring Batch is developed ByPivotal
Spring Batch is based onPOJO-based development approach.
Spring Batch LicenceApache License 2.0
Spring Batch Current Stable release4.1.2
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