Java Interview Questions asked in Citibank

#1 Question

What methods would you overwrite in java.lang.object class


#2 Question

Explain Multi-Threading in Java?

#3 Question

Explain the internal working of a hash map?


#4 Question

What is difference overloading and overriding?

#5 Question

How to traverse data in a linked list in forward and backward direction, write the algorithm.

#6 Question

What is difference between equals and ==?


#7 Question

When should you use StringBuilder class in a program?

#8 Question

How to update value using threads. Write code?

#9 Question

Explain what is Transient variable in java?

#10 Question

What is the Executor Design pattern?

#11 Question

How to compare the top two records using SQL?


#12 Question

What is a thread pool in Java and why is it used?


#13 Question

What is thread safety? How do you achieve it?

#14 Question

Explain the difference between HashSet and Hashmap?


#15 Question

What is the difference between Future and Callable interface in Java?


#16 Question

What is an externalizable interface?

#17 Question

Design an LRU cache in Java.


#18 Question

What is a ConcurrentHashMap?


#19 Question

Can the double-checked locking fail on a single processor system?


#20 Question

How do you design microservices?


#21 Question

Explain Autoboxing in Java?


#22 Question

What are different types of database indexes?


#23 Question

Which services are provided to EJB components by the EJB container?

#24 Question

Which HttpSession object is used to view and manipulate information about a session?

#25 Question

Which attribute specifies a JSP page that should process any exceptions thrown but not caught in the current page?

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