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HCL Java Developer Interview Questions
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The Java Generics programming is included in J2SE 5 to administer with type-safe things. Generics in Java are related to templates in C++. The purpose is to concede class (String, Integer, and user-defined sorts) to denote a parameter to designs, types, and interfaces. For instance, states like HashMap, HashSet, ArrayList, etc utilize generics pretty well. We may utilize them for each kind. We may write a design/class/interface already and apply for all kind we require. Before Generics, we needed to typecast.

Spring MVC framework is a type of Model-View-Controller architecture that provides components to develop flexible and loosely coupled web applications. This Java framework provides the DispatchServlet class to provide an easy solution to use MVC in the spring framework.

Serialization appears to be a device of changing the nature of an item within a byte current. Object serialization implies a method utilized to change the nature of an item into a byte stream, that may be continued into file or disk or transmitted over the chain to any other operating Java pragmatic machine. Also, to move the state of an object across a chain or to persist or save the nature of an item serialization is necessary.

Moreover, Serialization has no method and data member. It is mainly used to mark the Java classes so the object used in these classes gets its capabilities. Therefore, Serialization must always be implemented for whose object of the class you want to persist.