Railway Engineering MCQ Test

  1. What is the standard dimensions of a wooden sleeper for a B.G. railway track?
  2. How Indian Railway detects the rail flow?
  3. Rails are fixed on steel sleepers by ..............
  4. The composite sleeper index is the index of which of the following?
  5. What is the main function of a fish plate?
  6. What is the purpose of providing fillet in a rail section?
  7. ........... types of sleepers is preferred on joints?
  8. Pandrol clips are not used with CST-9 sleepers.
  9. What is the minimum composite sleeper index for wooden sleepers used in cross-overs?
  10. What is the main advantage of a cement concrete sleeper?
  11. The sleepers resting directly on the girder are fastened to the top flange of the girder by ...........
  12. The Indian railway system has been divided into ............ for an effective administration.
  13. Where is the research design and standard Organisation situated?
  14. What is the name of the organization which is the research and development wing of Indian Railways?
Railway Engineering MCQ

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  • 1.52 m × 15 cm × 10 cm
  • 1.83 m × 20 cm × 11 cm
  • 2.74 m × 25 cm × 13 cm
  • 1.75 cm × 20 cm × 12 cm
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  • Soni Rail flow detector
  • Audi-gauge Rail flow detector
  • Kraut Kramer Rail flow detector
  • Mitsubishi Rail flow detector
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  • Dog spikes
  • Bearing plates
  • Keys in lugs or jaws
  • None of the above
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  • Hardness and strength
  • Strength and toughness
  • Wear resistance and hardness
  • Toughness and wear resistance
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  • Join rails with the sleeper
  • Join the two rails together
  • Allow rail to expand and contract freely
  • None of the above
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  • Increase the vertical stiffness
  • Increase the lateral strength
  • Avoid the stress concentration
  • None of the above
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  • CST-9 sleeper
  • Wooden sleeper
  • Concrete sleeper
  • Steel trough sleeper
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  • Its capacity to maintain gauge
  • Its suitability for track circuiting
  • Its heavy weight which improves the track modulus
  • All of the above
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  • Six railway zones
  • Four railway zones
  • Seven railway zones
  • Nine railway zones
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  • Duplex process
  • Open hearth process
  • Both A & B
  • None of the above
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