Irrigation Engineering MCQ

Irrigation Engineering MCQ

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  • 29th Aug, 2022

Take Irrigation Engineering MCQ Tes to Test Your Knowledge

Practice here the best Irrigation Engineering MCQ Question that checks your basic knowledge of Irrigation Engineering. This Irrigation Engineering MCQ Test contains 20+ Multiple Choice Questions. You have to select the right answer to the question. apart from this, you can also download here Irrigation Engineering MCQ PDF, completely free.

Irrigation Engineering MCQ Test

1) What are the canals derived from icy rivers known as?

  • A. Ridge canals
  • B.Perennial canals
  • C.Permanent canals
  • D.Inundation canals

2) What is the ratio of sinuosity of a mentor?

  • A. Curved length and the straight distance
  • B.Meander length and the width of meander
  • C.Meander length and half width of the river
  • D.None of the above

3) Irrigation canals are usually connected with

  • A. Ridge line
  • B.Valley line
  • C.Contour line
  • D.Straight line

4) Does natural sub-irrigation come under Sub-surface irrigation?

  • A. Yes
  • B.No

5) Which of the following is another name for Flood Irrigation?

  • A. Lift Irrigation
  • B.Flow Irrigation
  • C.Surface Irrigation
  • D.Uncontrolled Irrigation

6) Which type of irrigation system is practised on a small scale in India?

  • A. Lift Irrigation
  • B.Flood Irrigation
  • C.Natural sub-irrigation
  • D.Artificial sub-irrigation

7) ............. is the other name of the perennial irrigation system.

  • A. Flood Irrigation
  • B.Direct Irrigation
  • C.Controlled Irrigation
  • D.Storage Irrigation

8) The most irrigation schemes fall under ............. in India.

  • A. Lift Irrigation
  • B.Tank Irrigation
  • C.Combined System
  • D.River Canal Irrigation

9) The land property gets submerged in what type of irrigation system?

  • A. Flow Irrigation
  • B.Combined System
  • C.Storage Irrigation
  • D.Perennial Irrigation

10) Which kind of irrigation system needs mechanical means to supply water for irrigation?

  • A. Lift Irrigation
  • B.Storage Irrigation
  • C.Combined System
  • D.Perennial Irrigation

11) Hydroelectric power can be generated in ...........

  • A. Lift Irrigation
  • B.Flood Irrigation
  • C.Storage Irrigation
  • D.Perennial Irrigation

12) Which of the following irrigation method uses artificial rain to irrigate the land?

  • A. Furrow Method
  • B.Drip Irrigation Method
  • C.Border Irrigation Method
  • D.Sprinkler Irrigation Method

13) The water takes a circuitous route to irrigate the land in ..........

  • A. Free Flooding
  • B.Zigzag Flooding
  • C.Basin Flooding
  • D.Check Flooding

14) Is the drip irrigation method a type of lift irrigation system?

  • A. Yes
  • B.No

15) What does the optimum utilization of irrigation water mean?

  • A. Getting less yield with the least water content
  • B.Getting less yield with maximum water content
  • C.Getting maximum yield with any amount of water
  • D.Getting maximum yield with the maximum amount of water available

16) The Potential Evapotranspiration critically depends on

  • A. Vegetation
  • B.Types of Soils
  • C.Types of Crop
  • D.Climatological Factors

17) Which of the following method is widely used in India for the computation of consumptive use?

  • A. Penman’s equation
  • B.Tanks and lysimeter
  • C.Blaney-Criddle equation
  • D.None of the above

18) Which of the following canal acts as an irrigation canal as well as a feeder canal?

  • A. Carrier canal
  • B.Feeder canal
  • C.Permanent canal
  • D.Inundation canal

19) ............. does not need cross drainage structures.

  • A. Contour Canal
  • B.Field Channel
  • C.Side Slope Canal
  • D.Watershed Canal

20) Which of the following costs are reduced with the help of lining a canal?

  • A. Construction Costs
  • B.A.R and M.O Costs
  • C.Construction Costs
  • D.Irrigation Water Costs

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