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If you are preparing for a PHP Frameworks interview, Must go through these questions series.Here you will find latest interview Questions and answers on PHP Frameworks Frameworks and tools.

PHP Framework Interview Questions.

Frameworks help developers to create applications rapidly and robust applications. Here you can read interview questions on Popular PHP Frameworks like Laravel, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Phalcon  and many more

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PHP Framework Interview Questions

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Laravel Interview Questions

Laravel is a PHP framework that is specially designed for artistic programmers who wish to create beautiful codes. With the help of Laravel, you can add certain beautifying elements to your program which would make it look appealing apart from being technically useful.

This framework is all a mixture of simple beauty and magic that you can create with the help of basic codes.

Symfony Interview Questions

Symfony is a PHP framework widely used by software programmers to develop dynamic websites and web-based applications. Apart from this, it is used for creating other web services, application programming interfaces, and web-based micro-services. It is one of the high performing frameworks due to a wide set of features and components.

CodeIgniter Interview Questions

CodeIgniter is another open source PHP framework which is specifically employed for the development of dynamic websites. With the help of CodeIgniter, one can build simple yet elegant tools which could further be utilized to design web programs and applications with full dynamic features.

Cakephp Interview Questions

CakePHP is an open source framework built to design web-based programs and applications. This PHP framework is based on the model view controller (MVC) approach which lets you develop the applications rapidly.

Apart from this, it utilizes other concepts too such as convention over configuration, front controller and association data mapping.

Yii 2 Interview Questions

Yii2 is a very simple and basic yet innovative framework to create dynamic codes in web programming. It is efficient and safe to use as compared to various other frameworks due to its advanced features.

Its error handling is very effective and it also provides you with a platform to develop complex WSDL (Web Service Description Language) based service specifications.

Zend Framework Interview Questions

Zend framework is an object-oriented open source framework used for developing web programs and applications. This framework is very easy to use and can be handled by almost anyone.

It is mostly based on the basic concepts of programming. Its advanced features such as input filters, validators, and cryptography algorithms make it highly secure.

Phalcon Interview Questions

Phalcon is another framework which is based on the model view controller (MVC) approach. It is different from many other PHP frameworks in the manner that it is fully written in C programming language. Due to its built-up via MVC architecture, it offers various additional features like object-relational mapping.

Slim Framework Interview Questions

Slim Framework is a micro PHP framework designed to make the work of programmers easy. It lets you fast and easily develop simple codes which are quite robust in nature for the development of web-based programs and applications. Also, the development of the application programming interface is very easy using the Slim Framework.

Fuel PHP Interview Questions

FuelPHP is a very simple, easy to use and rapid framework which provides flexibility of the use of various features such as URI routing, REST-based API development and many more. The applications made by using FuelPHP are quite modular in nature and can be extended without the need to rewrite the full program.

Fat Free Framework interview questions

The fat-free framework is another open source which is very easy to learn and use, is very lightweight and can be used to build robust and dynamic web-based programs.

With the help of Fat-free framework, one can easily create powerful applications using minimal tools and very less code writing with the help of its gently learning curve program.

Aura framework interview questions

Aura framework is an interface used for developing mobile as well as computer-based programs and applications. It is primarily built upon the basis of a wide range of packages available in the form of a library of programming tools which can be used easily and efficiently to work and develop the type of program or application you want.

Silex Framework Interview Questions

Silex Framework is another microframework which is very lightweight. It comes in two versions – namely slim and fat. The slim does not contain in-built heavy architecture or structure but can be upgraded to them if the user feels the requirement for it while the fat version comes already loaded with all the features.

Kohana Framework interview questions

Kohana is one of the high-performance frameworks that are based on the principle of model view controller approach. It is a very fast, secure, lightweight and simple framework that lets you create clean and easy to use codes.

It contains the presentation codes in various formats such as HTML, Java, and CSS, making it more reliable and secure.

PHPixie framework interview questions

The PHPixie Framework is a lightweight robust framework program which lets you handle all your codes and does not rely on the automated features as provided by other frameworks.

This makes the codes created by this framework more reliable and easy to understand and use. You can modify the codes or variables according to your requirements in the final application.

PHP Nette Framework Interview Questions

PHP Nette framework is one of the most popular and ranks third amongst the topmost PHP frameworks used by programmers, after Laravel and Symfony. It supports several latest features of PHP frameworks such as AJAX, MVC, KISS and DRY.

Due to the presence of this feature, PHP Nette Framework allows creating easy, robust, clean and matured codes for object-oriented designing.

Laravel 9 interview questions

Laravel 9 is the latest version of the Laravel PHP framework. It comprises of various previous subversions such as Laravel 5.1, Laravel 5.2, Laravel 5.3, Laravel 5.4, Laravel 5.5, Laravel 5.6 , Laravel 5.7, Laravel 8, Laravel 9.

The latest one, Laravel 5.8, was released in recently this year in February. It includes many new features and also the fixes to the bugs of previous versions.

Laravel Latest Questions

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