PHPixie Framework Interview Questions

  1. What is PHPixie?
  2. What are advantages of PHPixie framework?
  3. List some inbuilt PHPixie Components?
  4. What is HAML in PHPixie?
  5. What are Composer class maps?
  6. What is Late Static Binding in PHP?
  7. What is hash salting and why is it important?
PHPixie framework interview questions

PHPixie is a lightweight Open source PHP MVC based web framework specially designed for rapid development, speed and simplicity. Read Best PHPixie framework interview questions from here.

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PHPixie is a lightweight Open source PHP MVC based web framework specially designed for rapid development, speed and simplicity.

PHPixie started as a micro-framework and has gradually grown to be one of the most popular full-stack PHP frameworks while retaining its high performance

Advantages of PHPixie framework for web development

  • Concentrate on speed and page load time.
  • Focusing on giving a stable and adaptable architecture.
  • As opposed to other lightweight frameworks that do not give a full stack of features, PHPixie provides a restricted full stack that focuses on effectiveness.
  • PHPixie should be easy to learn and understandable to anyone with experience in Codeigniter or Kohana.
  • Provides a stable codebase that doesn’t “get in the way” and allows the developer to write their own code how they see fit.

PHPixie is built upon independent components that can be easily used separately from the framework. Below is list of some inbuilt Components of PHPixie Framework

  • Inbuilt Authentication
  • Database support for MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and MongoDB
  • Inbuilt Exceptions and tracing with Debug component
  • HTTP library that handles HTTP protocol abstraction and implements the PSR-7 implementation
  • The image library that provides a common simple interface to working with GD, Imagick, and Gmagick making development easy and allowing effortless switching between them.
  • PHPixie Migrate component that allows you to version your database schema and apply updates to it in a consistent way. It also allows you to define some data to be inserted in the database, which is useful when writing tests or demo-ing the code.
  • PHPixie ORM library
  • PHPixie Pagination library
  • PHPixie Validation library
  • PHP Template

Haml is a very efficient way of creating your HTML templates. It allows you to write shorter tags and avoid the need of closing the tags yourself. This second feature is especially useful because it allows you to avoid situations like hunting unclosed blocks throughout the page.