Laravel 5 interview questions

#1 What service provider’s Register Method does ?

#2 How to Localize Resource URIs in Laravel ?

#3 How to launch Vagrant Box ?

#4 How to do 301 redirects in Laravel ?

#5 What are Macros in Laravel?

Macros provide a way to add functionality to the classes wherein you do not have that function. It can help you to create a small reusable component that'll be possible to use it everywhere on your application.

#6 Write code to upload a file in Laravel 5?

#7 How to bind a service container to a service provide.

#8 How to upgrade Valet To Valet 2.0 ?

#9 What are Deferred Providers in laravel ?

#10 What are Cookies ? How to get , set , distroy cookies in Laravel ?

#11 How to generate Pretty URLs in Laravel?

#12 How to do subdomain routing in Laravel ?

#13 Differce between Contracts and Facades?

#14 How to register a service provider via composer in Laravel ?

#15 How to check an Input value is present or not in Laravel ?

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