Laravel 5 interview questions

  • Q1.

    How to create a Laravel Project using composer.

  • Q2.

    What is Laravel Homestead ?

  • Q3.

    How to start laravel Local Development Server.

  • Q4.

    Explain What is Valet?

  • Q5.

    List the steps to Configure Laravel application.

  • Q6.

    In order to run Laravel. What permissions are required to be on storage and the bootstrap/cache directories ?

  • Q7.

    How to generate Application Key in laravel ? why it is neccessary ?

  • Q8.

    How to generate Pretty URLs in Laravel?

  • Q9.

    List Server Requirements for installing Laravel 5.5

  • Q10.

    What is Composer? How to install composer

  • Q11.

    In which directory laravel configartion files are kept.

  • Q12.

    How to do Environment Configuration in Laravel.

  • Q13.

    How can you retrieve values for laravel configration files.

  • Q14.

    How to retrive/get current environment in Laravel.

  • Q15.

    How to get/set configuration values in laravel?

  • Q16.

    How to enable or disable maintaince mode in Laravel.

  • Q17.

    Explain the directory structure of laravel 5.6.

  • Q18.

    List out the plateforms Laravel Homestead supports ?

  • Q19.

    List the Software’s included in Laravel Homestead ?

  • Q20.

    How to install Homestead Vagrant Box ?

  • Q21.

    Please provide steps to Configure Homestead ?

  • Q22.

    How to launch Vagrant Box ?

  • Q23.

    What is Vagrantfile and Homestead.yaml ,

  • Q24.

    How to generate it on Homestead ?

  • Q25.

    How to install Installing MariaDB on Homestead ?

  • Q26.

    Command to connect vagrant via ssh ?

  • Q27.

    How to add Additional Sites in Homestead environment?

  • Q28.

    List Site Types supported by Homestead?

  • Q29.

    How to configure Cron jobs in Homestead ?

  • Q30.

    List the default ports that are forwarded to your Homestead environment?

  • Q31.

    How to share your Homestead with others.

  • Q32.

    Is Multiple PHP Versions are supported by Homestead ?

  • Q33.

    How to enable Multiple PHP Versions in Homestead ?

  • Q34.

    How to configure network interfaces in Homestead ?

  • Q35.

    How can you update Homestead ?

  • Q36.

    List the applications supported by Valet?

  • Q37.

    Is Valet supports windows or Ubuntu environment?

  • Q38.

    List the requirements to install Valet ?

  • Q39.

    What is Homebrew ?

  • Q40.

    How to install Valet ?

  • Q41.

    How to start and stop Valet ?

  • Q42.

    By default Valet serve your app on which TLD? How to configure it to use another domain ?

  • Q43.

    How to install and start, stop mysql on Valet?

  • Q44.

    How to upgrade Valet To Valet 2.0 ?

  • Q45.

    How to serve sites on Valet ?

  • Q47.

    How to Serve sites with TLS on Valet ?

  • Q48.

    How to Share Sites with external world on valet ?

  • Q49.

    List some use Valet Commands?

  • Q50.

    Explain Request life cycle of laravel.

  • Q51.

    What is name of first file that loaded in Laravel?

  • Q52.

    What is HTTP / Console Kernels in laravel?

  • Q53.

    Explain Service Container ?

  • Q54.

    How to bind a service container to a service provide.

  • Q55.

    What is Contextual Binding ?

  • Q56.

    How to resolve class instance out of the container in Laravel ?

  • Q57.

    Explain Automatic Injection in Laravel ?

  • Q58.

    How can you write your own service provider in laravel.

  • Q59.

    What service provider’s Register Method does ?

  • Q60.

    How to register a service provider in laravel ?

  • Q61.

    What are Deferred Providers in laravel ?

  • Q62.

    How to register a service provider via composer in Laravel ?

  • Q63.

    What are Laravel Facades?

  • Q64.

    How Facades are different from Dependency injection ?

  • Q65.

    What getFacadeAccessor method does?

  • Q66.

    Explain Laravel Contracts?

  • Q67.

    Differce between Contracts and Facades?

  • Q68.

    How to do 301 redirects in Laravel ?

  • Q69.

    Explain Named Routes in Laravel ?

  • Q70.

    How to generate Urls from named named Routes?

  • Q71.

    How to do subdomain routing in Laravel ?

  • Q72.

    What are Route Prefixes ?

  • Q73.

    How to return a view from route in Laravel ?

  • Q74.

    How to configure route cache and clear route cache in Laravel ?

  • Q75.

    How to list all routes in Laravel ?

  • Q76.

    What Route Model Binding ?

  • Q77.

    What is difference between Implicit and Explicit route Binding in Laravel ?

  • Q78.

    How to get current Url in Laravel ?

  • Q79.

    What are middlewares in Laravel ?

  • Q80.

    How to create custom Middleware in Laravel ?

  • Q81.

    How to register a middleware in Laravel ?

  • Q82.

    Can we assign multiple middlewares to a route.

  • Q83.

    How to add a middleware in route group?

  • Q84.

    What are Terminable Middlewares ?

  • Q85.

    How to add CSRF Protection in Laravel ?

  • Q86.

    How can you Exclude URIs From CSRF Protection in Laravel ?

  • Q87.

    What is X-CSRF-TOKEN , How it is different from CSRF Tokens ?

  • Q88.

    What are Controllers in Laravel ?

  • Q89.

    How to create a controller in Laravel ?

  • Q90.

    How to register a middlewares in Laravel controller ?

  • Q91.

    How to generate a controller with resources in Laravel ?

  • Q92.

    How to Localize Resource URIs in Laravel ?

  • Q93.

    How to do Dependency Injection in Laravel Controllers?

  • Q94.

    How to get requested path in Laravel ?

  • Q95.

    How to check request is ajax or not ?

  • Q96.

    How to retrive all requested data in Laravel ?

  • Q97.

    How to check an Input value is present or not in Laravel ?

  • Q98.

    What are Cookies ? How to get , set , distroy cookies in Laravel ?

  • Q99.

    Write code to upload a file in Laravel 5?

  • Q100.

    What are Macros in Laravel?