Slim framework interview questions

Slim framework interview questions

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Slim is a micro-framework written in PHP scripting language, that helps programmers to create simple yet powerful web applications and APIs.

Defining the given three will cite the differences among them.

  • Laravel: This is an open-source framework and specifically a PHP one. It follows the model view controller structure for the creation of numerous web applications. And this MVC is based on Symfony.
  • Symfony: Symfony is also a PHP web framework but this is used to build all sorts of websites that are easy as well as flexible to create and maintain.
  • Zend: The Zend framework is used to create web applications making use of the PHP 5.3 +. The code used in this framework is completely object-oriented.

Dependency injection can be simply understood as a technique through which an object or a framework is provided with what it requires or needs, in other words, it’s dependencies. There are a number of ways via which this injection can be made such as with setter or constructor injection, or the injection frameworks, etc. Also, this dependency injection is a wonderful technique for testing.

Hooks are function in Slim framework that is used/ register as callbacks. Slim Provides a wide range of Hooks. slim.beforeslim.before.router, slim.before.dispatch, slim.after are few default hooks that used in Slim.

Note: Hooks are used in Slim version 2.x and completely removed in Slim 3.x.

Using Hook in Slim Framework:

$app = new \Slim\Slim();
$app->hook('', function () {
    //Do something