Slim framework interview questions

Top Slim framework interview questions and answers

#1 Question

What is Slim framework?

Slim is a micro-framework written in PHP scripting language, that helps programmers to create simple yet powerful web applications and APIs.

#2 Question

How is Slim framework different from other frameworks like Laravel, Symfony or Zend?

#3 Question

Is Slim framework similar to Symfony’s Silex? How do they differ?

#4 Question

How would you define a middleware in Slim?

#5 Question

How can you install Slim Framework v2?

#6 Question

How can you set and get a cookie in Slim Framework?

#7 Question

How to define route groups in Slim Framework?

#8 Question

List some Environment Variables of Slim Framework?

#9 Question

What is Dependency Injection?

#10 Question

What is a hook in Slim Framework?

#11 Question

How to set charset for DB in slim framework?

#12 Question

How can you configure Slim with Doctrine?


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