Slim framework interview questions

  1. What is Slim framework?
  2. How would you define a middleware in Slim?
  3. How can you install Slim Framework v2?
  4. What kind of applications you create in slim Framework.
  5. Is Slim is better than Silex?
  6. Who is the creater of Slim?
  7. How can you configure Slim with Doctrine?
  8. How to set charset for DB in slim framework?
  9. How is Slim framework different from other frameworks like Laravel, Symfony or Zend?
  10. Is Slim framework similar to Symfony’s Silex? How do they differ?
  11. How can you set and get a cookie in Slim Framework?
  12. How to define route groups in Slim Framework?
  13. List some Environment Variables of Slim Framework?
  14. What is Dependency Injection?
Slim framework interview questions

Top Slim framework interview questions and answers

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Slim is a micro-framework written in PHP scripting language, that helps programmers to create simple yet powerful web applications and APIs.