Laravel Latest Questions

  1. What are Model Factories?
  2. What are Route Parameters?
  3. What is a named route?
  4. What is the default session timeout duration and How can it be set?
  5. What are Accessors and Mutators in Eloquent and why should you use them?
  6. What is Attribute Casting and How does it work in Eloquent?
  7. How do I register a middleware?
  8. How do I register a Service Provider?
  9. How do I register an Artisan Command?
  10. How does the IOC (Inversion of Control) Container work?
  11. How do I use sub-domain routing?
  12. How do I make all of my forms Bootstrap opinionated?
  13. How do I setup localization for an application?
  14. How do I see all defined routes?
Laravel Latest Questions

Read Latest interview Questions on Laravel Framework.

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