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Laravel Latest Questions

What is Laravel?
How do I install Laravel, talk about the different ways?
What is MVC architecture?
What is a Service Provider?
What is a Service Container?
What is a Facade?
What is a Schema?
What is a Job?
What are Events?
What is an Observer?
What are Policies?
What are helper functions and name 10 with their purposes?
What is Method Spoofing?
What is CSRF Protection in Laravel?
How do I turn off CSRF Protection?
What are Contracts?
What are Collections?
What are Model Factories?
What are Route Parameters?
What is a named route?
What is the default session timeout duration and how can it be set?
What are Accessors and Mutators in Eloquent and why should you use them?
What is Attribute Casting and how does it work in Eloquent?
How do I register a middleware?
How do I register a Service Provider?
How do I register an Artisan Command?
How does the IOC (Inversion of Control) Container work?
How do I use sub-domain routing?
How do I make all of my forms Bootstrap opinionated?
How do I setup localization for an application?
How do I see all defined routes?
What is a terminable Middleware?
What is a Controller Middleware?
How do I make a Middleware to be run during every HTTP Request to an application?
How do I use Eloquent to get a list of comments with one author each avoiding N+1 queries?
How do I set up the Eloquent relationships between the aforementioned comments and authors, including creating the schema design?
How do I add a 3rd party package to your application like laravel-emoji?
Describe your process if you had to build and maintain a 3rd party package like laravel-identify?
Describe a situation where creating custom artisan commands might be very handy.
How do I perform dependency injection in Laravel?
How do I require authentication for a set of routes associated with a subdomain?
None of my forms are being protected against CSRF attacks, what’s wrong?
How do I customize validation error messages for a form?
How do I make my application serve its content in different languages?
How do I make a particular task run everyday by 10pm?
How do I log an error?
How do I populate my database with sample data?
How do I seed my database for column that is a foreign key referencing to other table?
How do I send 5 emails and a text message efficiently to newly registered users?
How do I test sending emails without actually sending emails to real addresses?
I just installed laravel and have the evil whoops error, how do I find out what’s wrong and fix it?
How can I hide all stack whoops error information when the application is in production?
How do I assign several roles to users and permit the users to perform some actions based on those roles?
What is the best package to set up billing and subscription with Stripe and Braintree?
How does Laravel handle Assets?

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