Laravel Latest Questions

Read Latest interview Questions on Laravel Framework.

#1 Question

Explain what is Laravel

#2 Question

How do I install Laravel, talk about the different ways?

#3 Question

Explain what is MVC architecture?

#4 Question

Describe Laravel Service Provider?

#5 Question

Explain Laravel Service Container?

#6 Question

What is a Facade?

#7 Question

What is a Schema?

#8 Question

What is a Job?

#9 Question

What are Events in Laravel?

#10 Question

What is an Observer in Laravel?

#11 Question

What are Policies?

#12 Question

What are helper functions and name 10 with their purposes?

#13 Question

What is Method Spoofing?

#14 Question

What is CSRF Protection in Laravel?

#15 Question

How do I turn off CSRF Protection?

#16 Question

What are Contracts?

#17 Question

What are Collections?

#18 Question

What are Model Factories?

#19 Question

What are Route Parameters?

#20 Question

What is a named route?

#21 Question

What is the default session timeout duration and How can it be set?

#22 Question

What are Accessors and Mutators in Eloquent and why should you use them?

#23 Question

What is Attribute Casting and How does it work in Eloquent?

#24 Question

How do I register a middleware?

#25 Question

How do I register a Service Provider?

#26 Question

How do I register an Artisan Command?

#27 Question

How does the IOC (Inversion of Control) Container work?

#28 Question

How do I use sub-domain routing?

#29 Question

How do I make all of my forms Bootstrap opinionated?

#30 Question

How do I setup localization for an application?

#31 Question

How do I see all defined routes?

#32 Question

What is a terminable Middleware?

#33 Question

What is a Controller Middleware?

#34 Question

How do I make a Middleware to be run during every HTTP Request to an application?

#35 Question

How do I use Eloquent to get a list of comments with one author each avoiding N+1 queries?

#36 Question

How do I set up the Eloquent relationships between the aforementioned comments and authors, including creating the schema design?

#37 Question

How do I add a 3rd party package to your application like laravel-emoji?

#38 Question

How do I perform dependency injection in Laravel?

#39 Question

How do I require authentication for a set of routes associated with a subdomain?

#40 Question

How do I customize validation error messages for a form?

#41 Question

How do I make my application serve its content in different languages?

#42 Question

How do I make a particular task run everyday by 10pm?

#43 Question

How do I log an error?

#44 Question

How do I populate my database with sample data?

#45 Question

How do I seed my database for column that is a foreign key referencing to other table?

#46 Question

How do I send 5 emails and a text message efficiently to newly registered users?

#47 Question

How do I test sending emails without actually sending emails to real addresses?

#48 Question

I just installed laravel and have the evil whoops error,How do I find out what’s wrong and fix it?

#49 Question

How can I hide all stack whoops error information when the application is in production?

#50 Question

How do I assign several roles to users and permit the users to perform some actions based on those roles?

#51 Question

What is the best package to set up billing and subscription with Stripe and Braintree?

#52 Question

How does Laravel handle Assets?

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