Electrical machine MCQ Quiz

  1. DC machine windings are -
  2. In a dc machine 4 pole lap winding is used. The number of parallel paths are?
  3. Inter pole winding is connected in-------------------------- ?
  4. Equalizer rings are used in which of the followings?
  5. Which of the following machine will be preferred to charge the batteries?
  6. The large number of slots in induction motor -
  7. The number of bushings in a transformer can be reduced if
  8. The armature voltage control of dc motor will provides -
  9. The air cores in transformers are preferred for -
  10. The amplidyne is -
  11. A differential relay comparator used for the protection of three phase transformers has -
  12. Scott connection is used for the conversion of -
  13. In a three phase transformer, the angle between two consecutive cores is -
  14. The high leakage impedance transformers are suitable for the applications of -
Electrical machine MCQ

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Below are few Electrical machine MCQ test that checks your basic knowledge of Electrical machine. This Electrical machine Test contains around 20 questions of multiple choice with 4 options. You have to select the right answer to a question. You can see the correct answer by clicking view answer link.

  • short pitched
  • full pitched
  • either of these
  • none of the above
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  • series with main poles
  • parallel with armature
  • parallel with main poles
  • series with armature
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  • wave winding
  • lap winding
  • Both 1 & 2
  • none of the above
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  • Series generator
  • Series motor
  • Shunt motor
  • Shunt motor
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  • Provides better overload capacity
  • Provides bigger size of motor
  • Reduces overload capacity
  • Reduces the size of motor
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  • The tapping are provided at the high voltage side
  • The tapping are provided at the phase ends
  • The tapping are provided in middle of the transformer
  • The tapping are provided on the low voltage side
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  • Constant voltage drive
  • Constant current drive
  • Constant torque drive
  • Constant torque drive
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  • Low frequency transformers
  • 5 kVA, 50 Hz transformers
  • High frequency transformers
  • All of the above
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  • Half compensated cross field machine
  • Fully compensated cross field machine
  • Over-compensated cross field machine
  • Under-compensated cross field machine
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  • Three comparator
  • Two comparator
  • Six comparator
  • One comparator
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  • Three phase to single phase
  • Single phase to two phase
  • Single phase to three phase
  • All of these
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  • Personal computers
  • Street lights
  • Arc welding
  • Electric lamp
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  • Split phase induction motors
  • Capacitor start induction motors
  • Slip ring induction motors
  • Shaded pole induction motors
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  • Retardation test
  • Field test
  • Sumpner’s test
  • Voltage drop test
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  • iron made tank of transformer
  • winding of transformer
  • steel core in transformer.
  • transformer insulating oil.
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  • copper loss at half load
  • copper loss at full load
  • copper loss at any load
  • copper loss at over load.
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  • common winding
  • tertiary winding
  • damping winding
  • compensating winding
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